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    Around the UK in 8 tasty regional treats

    Lots of you will be travelling around the UK on the way to our holiday parks this year and we wouldn’t want to let you go without knowing what tasty treats will be in store for you when you get there.
    So from north to south, here are eight tasty regional treats that an absolute must to try.
    From the weird to the absolutely divine, here they are…

    Cream tea – Devon and Cornwall

    No visit to the West County is complete without an obligatory cream tea.
    In fact, once you’ve had one you’re guaranteed to want another. And another.
    So whether you’re heading to Perran Sands or Devon Cliffs this year, don’t leave without trying a delicious scone with jam and clotted cream.
    We have no idea why they taste even more delicious in the West County but trust us, they do.

    Pea wet – Lancashire

    This one’s more unusual but we guarantee it’s a tasty addition to your pie and chips!
    If you’re passing through Wigan on your way to the Lake District, give this ‘traditional delicacy’ a try. In essence it’s mushy peas, without the peas.
    And even though it sounds strange, you can’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

    The big debate! (source

    The big debate! (source


    Lincolnshire sausages – Lincolnshire

    Lincolnshire sausages have got the name of the region in their name but we’ll bet not many of you have eaten one in Lincolnshire itself.
    In fact, most Lincolnshire sausages are probably exported to other parts of the UK but nothing beats tasting one fresh from the butchers in their home county.
    What’s special about them?
    Their delicious blend of pork and the herb sage. Yum.

    Welsh cakes – Wales

    If you think Welsh cake is just the Welsh word for scones, you’re wrong.
    They do have similar ingredients but they’re cooked on a cast iron griddle and are much rounder and flatter than scones.
    They’re delicious eaten hot or cold, making them the perfect souvenir to take back from your holiday in Wales!

    Kendal Mint Cake, Cumbria

    Going out for a hike in the Lake District during your stay at Lakeland Holiday Park?
    Well it wouldn’t be complete without the region’s sweet speciality – Kendal Mint Cake.
    It’s not really a cake – more like a bar of sugar – but we’re not knocking it. It’s delicious.
    And with ingredients like that, no wonder it’s a popular snack that walkers eat to keep their energy levels up on tough hikes.

    Some lovely looking Welsh Cakes (source

    Some lovely looking Welsh Cakes (source

    Haggis, Scotland

    Ok, we know it’s a stereotype but tasting haggis has to be on the bucket list of anyone from the rest of the UK going on holiday to Seton Sands or Craig Tara this year.
    Our top tip?
    Time your visit with the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August so that you can enjoy top Scottish and international entertainment and some top-notch Scottish grub in one of the world’s best-loved cities!

    Chicken Parmo, Northumberland

    It’s not the most sophisticated of meals but if you’ve got a hankering for fast food during your stay in Northumberland, give a chicken parmo a go.
    It’s a breaded chicken fillet, topped with Béchamel sauce and cheese.
    If you’re looking for a guilty pleasure, you’ve found it.

    Ecclefechan Tart, Scottish Borders

    Not only is Ecclefechan tart fun to say, it’s incredibly tasty to eat.
    So if you’re driving through the Scottish Borders up to one of our parks, make sure you make a detour to the village of Ecclefechan near Dumfries where these little beauties come from.
    They’re sweet, sticky, full of dried fruits and treacle and we love them.

    Know any other tasty treats from around the UK? All this talk of food is making us hungry but do leave us a comment below!