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How to attract bees into your garden with David Domoney

For 2016, Haven has partnered with ITV celebrity gardener David Domoney as he becomes Haven’s Gardening Ambassador. David will be here to showcases all manner of gardening hints and tips for the whole family alongside explaining how to make your holiday home look it’s best with all manner of floral and fauna.

Attracting  is the perfect after a long day in the garden or for those sunny days where all you want to do is relax and take in the glorious outdoors. In the video below David Domoney shares an easy way to attract bees into your garden to help support your home grown eco-system.

Did you know that Haven’s holiday home owners have set up over 20 gardening clubs?

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How to recreate this video:

A drill

You will need a drill with different sized drill bits so that you can create different sized holes in your log. Having different sized holes will help you attract bees of all sizes to your garden.


You will also need a log as this is what will be the home to your bees! You could cut bits off a branch from your own garden, or they can be find in most stores or garages.


Drill a final hole all the way through your log, then thread some string through this hole and use the string to tie it to a branch in your garden!