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How to attract insects into your garden with David Domoney

For 2016, Haven has partnered with ITV celebrity gardener David Domoney as he becomes Haven’s Gardening Ambassador. David will be here to showcases all manner of gardening hints and tips for the whole family alongside explaining how to make your holiday home look it’s best with all manner of floral and fauna.

In this video David explains how attracting predatory insects like Ladybirds and Hoverflies can actually protect your Petunias! He also demonstrates how you can get more timid insects like Butterflies into your garden, watch the video below to find out more.

How to recreate is video:

Pine Cones

Pine Cones are a great place for insects to snuggle during hibernation, so placing a few around your garden will definitely attract some insects.
Where to buy: Anywhere! Have a look round a local field or park.



Using netting means that you can hang these Pine Cones anywhere. Also using a variety of colours will make these insect ‘sleep pods’ look vibrant in your garden.
Where to buy: After buying items e.g. lemons or limes keep the netting to use (Tip: different items will use different colours).


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A great way to attract insects without changing the look of your garden, just pop them at the edge of a flower bed to conceal them. Alternatively, pipes are also very easy to decorate, get your kids painting and decorating them to make them a funky feature piece in your garden.
Where to buy: Pipes 


Plastic bottles

Using clear plastic bottle means that you can try and get a glimpse of the insets that are using your creation. They too are easy to conceal in the corner of a garden.
Where to buy: Plastic bottle, but first check your recycling box, never know what you could find! 

water b


Ideal to keep these insects warm through the harsh winter months, so much that you’ll be wishing you were as snug as a bug!
Where to by: Straw



Buying string will mean you can pop your masterpiece anywhere high or low! Why not try different coloured string to jazz it up.
Where to buy: String 

string colour

Corrugated card

These small holes are perfect for those little creepy-crawlies to climb into; take a look and get your kids to keep track of how many different species fill up the beds!
Where to buy: Corrugated card

corregated card

Car cleaning sponge

Who needs to go to a butterfly sanctuary, when you can make one yourself in your own back garden? All you need: sugar, water & a yellow sponge.
Where to buy: Car cleaning sponge (Tip: Make sure its yellow as that is a colour that butterflies are attracted to)


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David Domoney demonstrates how to attract insects into your garden!

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