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    Back to School Checklist

    Make going back to school fun by letting your little ones help you with their very own Back to School checklist.

    1. Backpack 

    New year new backpack! There’s nothing more exciting when going back to school than picking out a brand new school bag. Let your kids choose their own school bag to show off a bit of their personality and interests.

    Pick up this light up Avengers backpack from Asda

    2. Lunchbox

    Lunch – the most important part of the school day! All kids need a cool lunchbox to carry in their favourite snacks!

    Create your very own personalised lunch bag here!

    3. Uniform

    It’s crazy how much they can grow! You’ll be surprised how much your little ones may have grown over the summer holidays. That means it’s vital to get some brand new uniform. Don’t forget trousers, polo tops, jumpers, skirts, school dresses and socks!

    4. Pencil case

    You may not think it but a pencil case can be an important part of going back to school. Let your kids choose their own pencil case for the start of the new year to show off to their friends in class.

    Choose your pencil case from WHSmith

    5. Stationary

    Once they’ve chosen their pencil case, they’re going to need something to fill it! Depending on the age and school level of your child, they will need a mixture of different items. Think pencils, sharpeners, pens, highlighters, Tipp-Ex, rubbers, compass, protractor, calculator and more.

    6. Name Tags

    Name tags are essential especially for the younger ones. It will avoid any lost items of clothing or mix ups with friends.

    7. Lunch

    A back to school treat will have your children excited to go back to school. Take them with you when you go to buy the school lunch so they can help you pick out their favourites.

    What’s on your checklist? Let us know in the comment section below!