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    Back to school – Fun stationery ideas

    There’s something strangely exciting about going shopping for stationery ahead of the new school year – and we’ve decided to help you find some of the best accessories to go into your school bag.

    Pencil Case

    Toys R Us


    You’ve got to start your stationery collection with a pencil case – else you’ve got nowhere to put everything!

    And there’s nothing better to go for than the classic Coca Cola pencil case. They were all the rage back in the day and it’s time to bring it back!


    The Works


    Add a bit of colour to your stationery set with these 30 pens.

    You’ve got all the different shades to get creative in some lessons, and your classic black pen for the Maths and Sciences!



    They look a bit wacky, they’ll make your pencil case smell lovely, oh, and they do some rubbing out as well!

    That’s what makes these Scented Jelly Twist erasers the perfect addition to your stationery set for the new school year.

    Pencil Sharpener



    It might be simple, but it does the job and there’s just something that makes you smile about the head of a LEGO character, isn’t there?




    How’s this for out of the box? You get to design your own calculator!

    While you may be doing a subject with definitive answers you can still let your expressive side out – such fun!

    Have you got your stationery yet? Did you buy any of the ones we suggested? Let us know in the comment section below!