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    Backstage gossip with the Funstars – Part Two!

    Hello again, Nathan here!  I hope everyone’s good 🙂 I’m back today with my second blog of the season, and I’m going to write about how I prepare myself for show nights!
    Here at Craig Tara, we have 4 shows a week; Live@, Rockstar Reloaded and Girls on Film. We do Girls on Film  once during the week and once at the weekend.
    Depending on your duties before the show, we usually get 45 minutes to get ready for a show and warm up! Within this time we need to make sure all hair and make up is complete, all costumes are worn to company standard and we are physically prepared for the show!

    The first thing I always do is prepare my costume. For Girls on Film we have an incredibly fast change that happens during the show, meaning we have to make sure that they are all pre-set at the side of the stage ready for us to change for the Dirty Dancing medley. Once that’s complete, it’s time for hair and make up (always the bit that takes the longest 🙂 )

    When preparing for the shows, we always have to make sure that the hair and make up suits each show!
    For example; when performing Rockstar, our hair is wild and  even bigger, with dark make up and added extras, like black lips and thick black eye liner.

    However for Girls on Film, big hair, bright make up (for the girls anyway) and even brighter costumes!!

    With Live@, the make up is very simple, but still effective. The girls on my team always make sure to have big eyes (we go through alottt of fake eyelashes) with dark eye shadow as well to enhance the eyes.

    Who's coming to see Live@ this year?

    Who’s coming to see Live@ this year?

    Step One
    Always start with the base foundation, to smooth out your complexion and also to add some colour to you on stage, as  with the stage lights, it’s really easy to look ‘washed out’.

    Step Two
    After the foundation, I use bronzer to highlight my cheeks bones, and to add extra colour to my face.

    Step Three
    Then it’s time to focus on the eyes, using a base eye liner, on the bottom of the eye lid, then depending on which show we are doing, I may add more to make the eyes look darker!

    Step Four
    Once hair and make up is complete, it’s time to get into costume to complete the look. Then it’s time for vocal warm ups. I just search in YouTube for vocal warm up sessions and have use the videos to warm up my voice for the show. The shows this year are vocally demanding, so spending this time before the show to warm up is vital! This is the most important time for me because it’s also my time to calm myself down and get in the zone and into character ready for each show.

    Step Five
    After all the preparations are complete, it’s showtime!!!


    Just two of my many personalities!

    Just two of my many personalities!

    Getting ready for each show is just as exciting as taking part in the shows, because it’s our time to change from being a FunStar to which character we have to be in the show! It kind of feels like ‘Stars In Your Eyes’….. ‘Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…’ 🙂

    That’s it for the second blog of the season, I’ll be back in a few weeks with a new piece on life as a FunStar (the best job in the world). Until next time, bye 🙂