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    Backstage Gossip with the Funstars!

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again – you lot love the Funstars! So as part of our Funstar Friday we have asked one of our Funstars to give us all the back stage gossip about the Day in the Life of a Funstar.  We caught up with Nathan who has been a loyal Funstar of ours for over two years now and we’ve roped him in to doing a monthly post for us, giving us all an insight to the weird and wonderful lives of the entertainment team – so without further adue let me introduce you all to Nathan! – Helen x

    Hello, I’m Nathan and I’m a Funstar and male vocalist at Craig Tara Holiday Park. Aswell as getting to do all the fun things you get to do as a Funstar, I also get the privilege to be apart of the show team at Craig Tara and perform the brand new shows for 2014. I’ve been a Funstar now for 3 years, I spent my first season at Lakeland Leisure park in 2012, then came to Craig Tara in 2013 and back here for my 3rd season with the company.

    Before the season starts, we go through different rehearsal process to learn all about the job! I’m going to write about my time at rehearsals for showteams across all haven parks! Prior to rehearsals we are sent vocal guides and scripts so that we can learn the shows ready for rehearsals! We have 3 brand new shows this year; Girls on Film, Funstar Rockstar: Reloaded and Live@. As a vocalist, I have to learn the words to all 3 shows before the fun starts getting to learn the choreography and the staging for the shows. Rehearsals are held at Chalfont St Giles in Buckinghamshire for 11 days. During the 11 days at rehearsals, it’s split into vocal training and choreography. We spend 4 days on Funstar Rockstar: Reloaded, 4 days on Girls on Film and the final 3 days on Live@.

    Finally meeting my Idol - Rory! - Getting ready for Girls on Film, our new show for 2014 - Looking my best with a fellow Funstar

    Finally meeting my Idol – Rory! – Getting ready for Girls on Film, our new show for 2014 – Looking my best with a fellow Funstar

    As a vocalist, we spend the first 2 days working on vocals for each show, making sure we all know our lyrics and learning harmonies for each of the songs. Then we spend the next two days with our dancers learning the choreography for the shows and staging ready to hit the stage on performance night. The rehearsal process was tiring but so much fun, getting to learn these brand new shows and performing them to other parks is amazing.

    We’d start each day 9a.m with a warm up with Matteo, one of the rehearsal directors. This was to warm our bodies up ready to learn choreography but also to start building up our stamina because these shows require a lot of energy and as a vocalist, being able to sing and dance as well as making sure you’re performing the numbers is vital.
    We would start each day with push ups, press ups and flappy arms (a way to build up those arm muscles) as all of these exercises help to build your core muscles which enables to sing and dance at the same time without becoming tired easy. Following that would depend on what the plan was for the day, as a vocalist I could have been learning vocals for the shows that day or could have been learning the choreography for the show.

    This was how we managed to learn 3 shows in 11 days, and now almost a month into the season, it’s so much fun to perform these shows for all the guests and owners on park, at Craig Tara we’ve received such positive comments on the shows, which makes peforming them so amazing. I may be biased but I think the entertainment this year is the best we’ve ever had – but don’t just take my word for it!

    If anyone has any questions about life as Funstar, what it’s like to be a Funstar or anything at all about me, drop a question below and I’ll try make sure I answer as many as I can in my next blog! Bye for now 🙂