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    Backstage gossip with the Funstars – Part three!

    Nathans back with his third installment of ‘Backstage gossip with the Funstars’…and this week we have an important birthday to prepare for…

    It’s me again!! I’m back today with my next blog about life as a Funstar! We are just three weeks away from peak season here up at Craig Tara so it’s all preparations at the ready to make sure that we are ready to entertain two venues full of our owners and holidaymakers.

    Whats happening this week?

    We all love the Seaside Squad here at haven don’t we? Who is your favourite character?
    Mine definitely has to be the main man himself, Rory the tiger.
    However a strong contender,  up here at Craig Tara is Greedy – and this week it’s his birthday!
    We threw him a very special and surprise birthday party which he didn’t know about. We told him that he had to come in for a rehearsal for one of the Seaside Squad shows, when actually all the boys and girls had came and made cards and decorated cakes just for him.

    Some of the yummy cakes!

    Some of the yummy cakes!

    We started the party before Greedy arriving, by splitting the boys and girls into two groups.
    The first group created birthday cards and banners to give to Greedy when he arrives. The second group got the fun task for getting to decorate fairy cakes with loads of icing and chocolate and sweets (definitely my favourite part of the party too.)
    Then both groups swap over so everyone got to make cards and cakes for Greedy. Then the time arrives for the main man to come and celebrate his birthday. Greedy thinks that we’ve all forgot about his birthday, so it’s always fun when the kids get to surprise him 🙂

    The birthday boy himself!

    The birthday boy himself!

    We also play games and have a dance at the party because that’s what party’s are all about – having fun!! Greedy even played one of his games with us, Musical Animals, which is like musical statues, but when the music stops, Greedy tells the boys and girls which animal they need to act like which is even more fun when the grown ups join in!!
    And then just like any other party, a lot of photos are taken with the birthday boy!!

    Of course, all the Seaside Squad get this special treatment, but remember, if you see them around park, don’t tell them cause it’s a surprise 🙂

    Right it’s time to plan the next birthday party and make sure it’s all ready, so I’ll see you all soon, byeeeeeeee 🙂

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