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    Backstage gossip with the FunStars!

    Can you believe it’s March already? That only means one thing – we’re open again! But before we welcomed you back on park the FunStars were working hard behind the scenes. We caught up with Kirsty, who is a team leader at Thorpe Park and gave us the gossip on what has been going on…

    Hi everyone!  My name is Kirsty and this year I am FunStar team leader at Thorpe Park in Cleethorpes.  This is my 5th season with the company and 1st  time here at Thorpe Park.  I’ve been all over in the last 4 years; Wales, England and only 50 minutes away from home when I spent 2012 at Craig Tara in Scotland.

    We'd like to introduce you to the wonderful Kirsty!

    We’d like to introduce you to the wonderful Kirsty!

    In this blog I’ll tell you all about how we are preparing for the start of the season here at Thorpe Park.
    After returning from show team rehearsals and bootcamp training we have now started on park rehearsals to make sure we are 100% prepared for the start of the season.
    Already the Seaside Squad have been in rehearsing their brand new shows for 2015. I caught up with Polly and Anxious to hear all about what’s coming up this year.  Polly told me she has a brand new daytime activity called Sign a Song where she teaches Ned, the boys and girls sign language through song.  I even learned some too!  Anxious told me how excited she is about her brand new pop concert featuring songs from Frozen.  I can’t wait to see it!

    It's not just the FunStars who have been hard at work!

    It’s not just the FunStars who have been hard at work!

    Next the show team got on with rehearsals for their brand new shows.  New for this year we have Destination 90’s, Signed, Souled, Delivered and for any little budding Funstars – Musikids!  Girls on Film is also making a return this year.

    While the show team where rehearsing I worked with Sarah our main stage presenter on getting all the Go Lives and Go Wins ready.  Sarah and I will co present this year, who knows we may become the next Scottish Ant and Dec!

    Are you ready for Destination 90's?

    Are you ready for Destination 90’s?

    As well as all this we had our owners welcome back party to prep for which included making a video to introduce the 2015 Funstars.  The welcome back party is the first time we meet our owners here at Thorpe Park.  It’s an important night to make a good impression.  On the night of the owners party we were so busy as we had both the Showbar and the Mash and Barrel opened with live acts in both venues.  We had a successful night with great feedback.

    As well as all of the great exciting things I get to do as a FunStar, as team leader I will get to learn the management side of the job too.  Team leader is a massive challenge and I can’t wait for the season to start!

    Have you been to see Kirsty and her team at Thorpe Park?
    Or have you got a break coming up? We’d love to know!