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    Beautiful Places to see Autumn Colours in the UK

    The trees might lose their leaves and we might have to pile on more layers, but autumn is still one of the most wonderful times of the year.
    The UK landscape comes alive with fiery red, yellow and orange colours – sometimes even rich shades of pink and purple! Combined with lush grass, misty mornings and clear skies, autumn colours make for some spectacular scenes.
    Here are just some of the most beautiful places to see autumn colours in the UK.

    The Hermitage, Scotland

    Bursting with wildlife, lined with huge Douglas fir trees and home to the spectacular Black Linn waterfall, the Hermitage is a stunning spot to visit in autumn. Admire the blazing trees reflected in the River Braan, on a path trodden by Queen Victoria, William Turner and William Wordsworth.

    Nearest Haven park: Seton Sands.


    Grasmere, the Lake District

    rsz_grasmere_the_lake_district (1)

    Another favourite of William Wordsworth, Grasmere is famous for his own quaint abode, Dove Cottage, as well as the beautiful National Trust property, Allan Bank (which is also dog-friendly). However, one of the best things about Grasmere has got to be its stunning autumn views. Hemmed in by hills and mountains and surrounded by lakes, Grasmere’s autumn reflections are often accompanied by mysterious mists.

    Nearest Haven park: Lakeland.


    Hardcastle Crags, Yorkshire

    The fast-flowing streams of Hardcastle Crags make for some stunning autumn photo opportunities. Fallen leaves give the woods their own red carpet, and if you’re lucky, you might see it trodden by roe deer. Afterwards, why not head into Hebden Bridge village to refuel at one of many quirky cafes?

    Nearest Haven park: Marton Mere.


    Delamere Forest, Cheshire

    As soon as you drive up to Delamere Forest in the autumn, you’re met with a warm, copper-leaved welcome from the larch trees on Old Pale Hill. And the forest itself doesn’t disappoint. Home to trees such as oak, chestnut and birch, there’s no end of golden hues as you tread the trails and explore the area. Don’t miss the views over Blakemere Moss, which play home to all kinds of wading birds.

    Nearest Haven park: Presthaven.


    Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

    It’s worth visiting Sherwood Forest just to stand in the shadow of the 800 year old Major Oak, but autumn adds an extra perk: a riot of colour. With so many trees, the forest comes alive with copper hues, and an orange carpet coats the ground. Sherwood is also a great place to spot rare birds like nightjars and hawfinches.

    Nearest Haven park: Thorpe Park.


    Bodnant Garden, North Wales


    Paul Pierce /, CC BY 2.0

    80 acre Bodnant Garden has endless autumn views to enjoy. Flowering plants and ripening fruits and berries add to the fiery glow to put on a real show. For the best view, however, head to the terraces, where you’re at eye-lever with the multi-coloured canopy.

    Nearest Haven park: Presthaven.


    Sandringham Country Park, Norfolk

    With two waymarked nature trails and countless woodland paths, Sandringham Country Park is the perfect place to get lost among a kaleidoscope of autumn leaves. Fiery reflections make the lakes look like mirrors, while fallen acorns and chestnuts make the park look like a chocolate box landscape.

    Nearest Haven park: Caister-on-Sea.


    Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

    There’s no end of things to do in the Forest of Dean, from cycling and adventure courses right through to canoeing the River Wye. But the best days out here don’t have to be action-packed: simply walk the forest trails and take in the autumn scenery. The oak, beech and larch trees turn golden, fruits and berries emerge, and it gets much easier to spot things like fallow deer and wild boar.

    Nearest Haven park: Burnham-on-Sea.


    Stourhead, Wiltshire

    Stourhead has been described as a ‘living work of art’, and it isn’t hard to see why. A magnificent lake reflects the flaming trees, hidden grottoes nestle among copper leaves and exotic trees make the gardens look like classic paintings. Get trussed up in your warmest woollens, grab a picnic and breathe in the  fresh air.

    Nearest Haven park: Weymouth Bay.


    The New Forest National Park, Hampshire

    From saltmarshes to heather-covered heaths, the New Forest is an amazing mixture of habitats. All of them look stunning during autumn, when the mists descend and the leaves fall to create some really atmospheric walking routes. Driving through the forest when it’s blazing orange is unforgettable.

    Nearest Haven park: Rockley Park.


    Sheffield Park and Garden, East Sussex

    Fall in East Sussex, England

    The historic grounds of Sheffield Park and Garden are gorgeous even during summer, but autumn is when they’re at their peak. Lakes, glades and woodland create a tranquil oasis influenced by the late great ‘Capability’ Brown, with trees and plants from around the world creating a dazzling array of autumn colours.

    Nearest Haven park: Combe Haven.

    Where’s your favourite place to experience the splendour of autumn? We’d love to hear all about it. Leave us a comment using the box below!