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    Nature Rockz: Beauty and the Mini Beast

    The long awaited release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast film is out on February 23rd and we can’t wait to see it! With the beauty of our park’s surroundings and the mini beasts you can find in our fun Nature Rockz activities, we are all getting into the spirit for the new 2017 hit film!

    From the Ranger Bug Trails to Pond Dipping, Nature Rockz is designed around having fun in the great outdoors and getting even closer to nature. Here are just some of our many fantastic Nature Rockz activities that we at Haven offer!

    Ranger Bug Hunt

    Go hunting for bugs and mini beasts with our Rangers and explore where all of the little critters like to live and hide. From scary spiders to beautiful butterflies, our rangers will tell you everything you need to know about bugs, on our exciting wild walks!

    Ranger Nature Trail

    Follow in the footsteps of our park Rangers, as you explore what nature has to offer! Learn fun facts about some of the creepy crawlies that live near the coastline and in the forest, whilst finding out about the heritage and history of the park’s surroundings!

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    Pirate Treasure Hunt

    ‘X’ marks the spot when it comes to our Pirate Treasure Hunt! Become your very own Pirate and solve clues, puzzles and cryptic messages to find the hidden treasure.

    Ranger Pond Dipping

    Grab your fishing nets and wellies and head towards the pond for some pond dipping! From frogs to aquatic snails, you never know what’s going to be lurking in the muddy waters. Learn fun facts about pond amphibians and get up close to lots of curious little creatures, found in our park’s ponds!

    Wild Birds and Bird Feeders

    It’s not just insects and mini beasts you will find on our Nature Rockz trails, but also a range of beautiful and brilliant birds! From Blue Tits to Yellowhammers, how many incredible bird species you will be able to spot?

    We offer a range of different Nature Rockz activities, such as nature bracelets, dream catchers, stone skimming and many more!

    Are you excited about Beauty and the Beast coming out? Have you had fun on any of our Nature Rockz activities? Let us know in the comment section below!