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Behind the scenes – Entertainment Manager!

We know how much you all love the Funstars but they can be quite an excitable bunch to handle! So we have Entertainment Managers on everyone of our parks who take on this fun role, as well as much more…
We asked Liam, who is the Entertainment Manager at Marton Mere, to give us sneaky peak at what goes on before the Funstar shows!

I am Liam Bailey-Brown, I first joined Haven in 1997 as a funstar and worked my first season at Greenacres in North Wales. I remember leaving home to embark on my journey with haven, I was both nervous and excited and after a few weeks and only 18 years of age I knew I had found my dream job. The feeling of making guests happy and making family memories was just amazing.
I then went onto work at The orchards, Lakelands and Hopton holiday village and in 2002 I was promoted to Entertainments manager at Cala gran and now i am currently at Marton Mere holiday village in Blackpool, I love this park so much I have been here for 4 years. It’s a great place to be a funstar as it’s lively and the guests are always up for a good time.

Doesn't he scrub up well? Liam looking lovely with two of Marton Mere's Funstars!

Doesn’t he scrub up well? Liam looking lovely with two of Marton Mere’s Funstars!

As the entertainments manager I write the entertainments programme and oversee the daily and evening product that the amazing creative team have created, which is currently the best ever.
The funstar team work day and night to keep the guests happy and to make sure they have the best haven holiday ever. We love it when the characters come to visit us all through the day and we join in with all the events including Character sports days, Punch and Judy with Rory the tiger and Ned has a non starty party that is full of fun and games.

The Entertainment Team at Marton Mere...

The Entertainment Team at Marton Mere…

In the evening the venues fill with our wonderful guests and we are ready to entertain them with Funstars Go live, the characters arrive to do there nightly shows along with rock n roll bingo, party dances, and Funstar LIVE production shows. There is so much happening in the night there isn’t a moment to stop and we just LOVE IT.

So after 17 years working at different sites around the country with boundless energy am I ready to do something else? … NO WAY. My Job isn’t real work, no day is ever the same. I am very lucky to be doing something I love and  I just want to keep on making those memorable holiday moments.

So if you are ever at Marton mere in the future, perhaps when the Blackpool illuminations switch on in September make sure you come and say hello. We look forward to meeting you.

  • Judith

    Liam is defo one of the best i went back to marton mere this was my 3rd year their and we have already booked up for next year i love it and the funstars or ace and always had a laugh with me and the family 🙂 i have just been home 1 day now we go for 2 weeks every summer holidays we love it so much lots to do day and night for any age i can’t wait for my next marton mere holiday 🙂 and cant wait to see the team again it is worth a visit once you go to marton mere the once you will love it 🙂 roll on summer 2015 🙂 and a huge THANK YOU to team marton mere for a fab holiday 🙂 xx

    • Hi Judith 🙂

      I’ve sent your comments over to the Marton Mere team – I’m sure they will be made up to hear your comments!
      We’re so pleased you love it there 🙂

      • Judith

        Thanks hun 🙂 i defo cant wait i took 775 pictures few out my stay at blackpool some of the shows that or all on my fb and blackpool and family its self 🙂 wish the holiday never ended but 347 days togo to my next holiday 🙂 xx