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    Behind the scenes with Haven : Part One

    Here at Haven we have some of the most fun jobs there are – such as being a Funstar, a singer or a dancer or the person that has to keep the Seaside squad under control! As well as learning all about what it takes to be a Funstar, we’d like to introduce you to some of the people who help make Haven what it is today – fun, entertaining and unique! To do this we will be focusing on one person in the company every month, asking them what they do, how they ended up with us and also a brief introduction of their daily lives.

    To start of our Introducing segments, we’d like you to meet David. Have you ever wondered who creates the weird and wonderful games our Funstars bring to the stage?  The person who thinks of the messiest ways to entertain people and make the audience laugh? The person who has to think of new and exciting ways to keep an audience captivated? Well that person is David.

    David Caulfield : Games Creator

    ‘My name is David Caulfield, and I write concepts and games for Haven’s brand new nightly light entertainment show, “Funstars Go Live”.

    After Working as a Presenter for a number of years overseas, I was invited by Head of entertainment – Steve Donnelly, and creative support manager – Gareth Howells to help compile the “Funstars go live” package for summer 2013.

    This was an honour to be asked and believe me when I say a lot of fun to do. Most of my ideas come from age old games with a new modern twist, however some of the new games are born through researching endless hours of entertainment television, reading children’s magazines, and listening to radio – so you’re in for some surprises!

    A Sneak Preview of the games at Haven parks this year.

    A Sneak Preview of the games at Haven parks this year – warning they may be messy!

    Once that is done we create names and concepts for the games, building on them from there.  Soon the games are ready for our clever Funstars to learn. While they are putting there own magical touches to the scripts, it’s my job to compile the list of props that each park will need to produce these games.

    Now step forward Daniel Edwards, our GO Win writer, who we work along side  compiling all the audio support that each “Funstars go live” needs, plus tracks that we need to put the relevant voice overs onto. Last but by no means least at our boot camp every year we unveil all the games, audio and concepts to the Funstars themselves and those are the real stars of the show.

    The funstars and the entertainment managers together are the people on the frontline that take an idea from my head and bring it to life on stage every night. This year there are brand new games to add to the already varied collection of items in “Funstars Go Live” and I am very much looking forward to hearing how much all the Haven Guests and Owners enjoy them when all the parks GO Live for summer. “Funstars Go Live” is for everyone aged 0 – 100. It’s lots of fun for those getting involved and even for those that like to sit back and watch. Enjoy. 🙂

    Are you Team Blue or Team Yelllow? Our creative writer David

    Are you Team Blue or Team Yelllow? Our creative writer David

    We hope David’s blog has got you all excited about our Haven Parks and all of the entertainment this year! Do you think David has one of the best jobs in the world? Do you think you could invent some crazy games for our Funstars? Comment below with all of your ideas!