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    Behind the scenes of our new TV advert

    I was lucky enough to be at Devon Cliffs when our new TV advert was being filmed, here’s a little look behind the scenes.

    In a very warm week in early September our creative team at Souk headed to the South West and the filming of our advert began! The idea behind our new advert is all about how you spend your days at Haven – whether they’re wet or windy (the British weather isn’t very predictable after all!), silly days, discovery days, I did it days when you accomplish something new or something else completely… every day is a great day at the seaside!

    We wanted the advert to be real so, (for the first time ever!) the families you see in our adverts are actually real families – introducing…the Price Family, the Dicker Family and the Jelley Family!

    It takes a lot of people to film a TV advert – 59 to make ours in fact! There were 16 people in the families plus a dog (another first for us), extras in the background as well as all the crew behind the scenes on set to make it happen – with cameras in the water and the sky as well as on land.

    3 days, 59 people, 3 familes, 25 caravans, 1 Quadcopter flying camera, 531 cups of tea and coffee, 126 bacon rolls and 177 ice creams later and it was a wrap!!

    The music of any TV advert is so important and we love Nathan Watson’s re-imagining of Bill Withers’ classic ‘Lovely Day’. You can buy it on iTunes here, and watch this space for more on Nathan coming soon…

    Here’s our behind the scenes video – enjoy!