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    Behind the Scenes Part Three: Costume time!

    It’s that time of the month again, here is some more Behind the Scenes fun! This month we asked Liz, our Costume Shop Manager and sewing star, would it takes to get the outfits for the shows looking their best. ‘ A lot of hard work’ she cried but also a lot of fun. Liz’s career here at Haven spans over 29 years, so it really was a struggle to fit her amazing story in to just one post! This is also a great chance to have a look at some of the fashions that have showcased on our Haven stage, as well as the showing the change from Haven Mates to Fun Stars. So sit back, relax and let us take you through the ages.

    I joined the company in March 1985 as a Havenmate/Hostess and my first park was Combe Haven. The seasons were Easter, The kids Summer Holidays and half term so lots of coming and going to and from the park, meaning I worked a total of 16 weeks. Nowadays, as you all know, our Funstars are there from March until November!

    After many years working for the company and seeing all the changes I was chosen to go to our Outdoor World Parks in America ( under the Rank umbrella) to set up and instruct the teams on how to run their kids clubs. I loved every moment of it!

    Haven Mates 1996 - 2014

    How the fashion changes! Then: Haven Mates uniform in 1995. Now: Funstars uniform 2014

    In the course of the following years I started to assist the Costume refurb company in the winter months, with the wash and repair of all the previous seasons show costumes and then became in charge of the total control of the costumes, Character’s outfits, uniform and all support items in our own Bourne Leisure warehouse.
    At this time I was still an Entertainment Manager so juggling the two hats was sometimes a bit of a struggle but we got there in the end.

    In about 2007 I left the park life to concentrate on the Production Warehouse as this had become a major player in the entertainment department.
    The Production Warehouse deals with the Distribution of Entertainment support items from certificates to badges, Arts & Crafts and much more. We also arrange the collection of our costumes at the end of every season and get them to the relevant company for a well earned wash and brush up.
    Once this is complete the task is then to get them back on to our parks in advance of opening for the new summer season.


    2007- 2014

    Then: The daytime look in 2007 Now: The daytime look in 2014

    Part of my job is to liaise with all suppliers from Character Costumes, Uniform, Couriers and the list goes on. I keep in touch Haven HQ  support team, Entertainment Managers, suppliers on a daily basis .I am please to say during the winter of 2013/14 I was given the Project management for the new Funstar Uniform which has been really well received and looks fantastic. It’s really nice to see your idea come to life!

    The Production Warehouse is open 12 months of the year and there is never a dull moment from the end of the season onward myself and Megan, who works 16hrs, seem to be busy most of the time. During the Winter months we have another part time person to help us out. We usually ask one of the local Funstars to assist us with this.

    Some of the amazing costumes that can be seen at the shows this year!

    Some of the amazing costumes that can be seen at the shows this year!

    Overall there is never a dull moment in my job and I’d love to hear all your feedback on the new outfits this year, from the Funstars new uniform to the costumes you see on stage!