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    Behind the Scenes Part two: Filming with Haven

    This month we are going to take you behind the scenes to discover how our wonderful videos are made!
    My name is Madi and as Haven’s social media manger, one of my favourite parts of my job is getting to visit our holiday parks, capturing the little known and wonderful things about them and our teams to later be transformed into a video for our YouTube channel.

    Did you know that after Google YouTube is the second biggest search engine?! We didn’t either until recently which is why this year more than ever we want to work on bringing our Haven holidays guests and owners (and potential guests and owners!) some interesting and exciting videos on a regular basis. Packing a bag, loading up the car and making a night time journey to a corner of the UK, it’s almost like going on holiday!

    February is always one of the busiest months for our entertainment team and FunStars. After the nationwide auditions in December and January, by early February we have FunStar teams in place and then it’s time for training! “Bootcamp” lasts for 2 weeks (with an extra week for our singers and dancers to perfect the shows they will spend the season performing) and we headed down for the last 2 days to see some of the amazing new shows and activities the teams had been learning, as well as capturing some of them on camera to share with our guests.

    Planning a shoot
    The first stage in planning a shoot for us is booking our camera man to come and film for us and then working out all the footage that we need to gather. For our trip to the FunStar Bootcamp this included some brand new Nature Rockz activities with Brian O’Brien, one of our superstar Green Team leaders and park rangers, the new activities for tots (like Anxious’ Sensory morning and Polly’s Swim a song) and some how to videos for all our budding wannabe FunStars to learn the moves to “Bring the house down” and “Like it to Like it” before their holidays this year.

    Behind the scenes of our Swim a Song video and our up and coming Funstar video!

    Behind the scenes of Polly’s Swim a Song video and our up and coming Funstar video!

    Once we have a wish list of all the things we’d love to film we then need to get planning. There are lots of logistics involved especially during a fast paced fortnight like Bootcamp, and when our wish list of videos we want to film in just two days reaches double figures! Once we’ve worked out where we’re filming, who with and at what time we can plan and prepare any additional materials required like props and storyboards (we don’t need scripts as our teams are experts at what they do and we want the videos to be real).

    Filming and editing
    Our two days at the Bootcamp passed in a busy and exciting blur. With my “director” hat on (not literally, but maybe I should have one for the next shoot!!!) we filmed with FunStars, Brian O’Brien, Polly and Ned, the Sports and Leisure team, Rory and Anxious at breakfast, and even Greedy on a Segway! We also got a preview of the new shows and activities, our guests are certainly in for a treat this year – I think Girls on Film might be my favourite show ever!

    Returning home from a shoot it’s “brief time”. This involves putting together detailed requirements for every video we want so that the editing teams know what we’re imagining the end video to look like. Editing takes time and as we can’t have everything back at once putting a release schedule together helps the teams prioritise what videos need to be delivered first.

    Watching an edit for the first time, seeing what we saw from behind the camera during filming put together to tell a story for our guests is really exciting, even though in the first instance it usually doesn’t have the beginning and end frames or any music. If there are any tweaks this is when these are done and then for the final cut the beginning and end frames are added with a title and ending, along with any fun graphics.

    Filming on Sandy Bay; Ever seen a Monkey on a Segway? Only at Haven Holidays!; Behind the scenes at BBL

    Filming on Sandy Bay; Ever seen a Gorilla on a Segway? Only at Haven Holidays!; Behind the scenes at BBL

    Due to copyrights we  can’t use any music we fancy in the videos. Luckily my brother is a musician and talented song writer so for our new videos this year we’re commissioning him to write all the music. Have you seen our “We all love” series? Greedy with FunStars Dan and Lauren on the Easter egg hunt? Brian talking about the signs of spring? All written and recorded by my brother, Tom! Then we have a finished video, it gets uploaded to our  Youtube channel and tagged so that it’s easy to find and, voila! If you want to make sure you never miss a video get subscribing to our channel pronto!

    We all love
    This year the “We all love” videos we uploaded in March were filmed a little differently to normal…

    We wanted to create a series of videos to help show what a holiday at Haven is all about. It’s true that we have some beautiful beaches in some of the most incredible places in the UK but we also have fantastic sports and water activities, swimming pools, fishing lakes, golf courses, activities to get families outdoors and enjoying the natural environment not forgetting the brilliant facilities for the little ones with our kids clubs and, of course, the Seaside Squad! So, with all this in mind our very creative Head of PR, Naomi, got thinking about how we could bring this to life and an idea she had whilst drifting off to sleep in February ended up becoming a reality! We filmed the Seaside Squad against a “green screen” (often used in the movies!) and our clever design team created a storyboard using some footage of our parks that we already had. Watch this video and all will become clear…!

    We need you!
    We’re always open to new video ideas so if you have any thoughts of what you’d like to see on our channel this year do let us know! We have lots of ideas for fun videos we want to make but more than anything we want the videos to feature real Haven families. Keep a look our here on our blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter for any filming opportunities at a park near you!

    Did you see the video of Maisie at Presthaven Sands? Maisie’s mum filmed it for us and we’re looking to make another one with a whole family. If you’d like to nominate your family or if you have any ideas for other videos you’d like to see tweet us @haven, write a message on our Facebook wall or you can email us at