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    Benefits of fresh air

    What could be more fitting for a weekend than bracing the great outdoors. We love family time and we love being healthy, so, why not combine the two? Here are just a few reasons why fresh air is great for you and your family.

    Fresh air cleans your lungs

    Humans need oxygen to survive and oxygen is created by plants, we all remember learning about photosynthesis in our science lessons at school!  So, with this in mind it is logical that the freshest of fresh air has to be found in the great outdoors where there are trees, grass and all different types of plants.


    Quality time with family at no cost

    A walk can also be a fun and free way to enjoy time with your nearest and dearest outside of the day-to-day weekly stresses. You can play games or enjoy activities such as bark printing or a nature trail. if you have a dog even they can join in on the family fun. It’s sounding so good already!

    nature trail

    Increases Energy

    With all this fresh oxygen being inhaled this can only mean one thing and that is your body’s working order is improved. Naturally this is sure to enhance your sleep quality, resulting in you generally being less tired and therefore giving you a boost in energy – no more caffeine will be needed!


    Along with serotonin levels being heightened, the fresh air, fresh mind and fresh family memories will all lead us to the positive emotions of feeling happy.


    It’s as easy as that. We would love to see pictures of your family outdoor walks and activities.
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