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    Berwick and Haggerston Castle in for a treat with a week of music at Alnwick Castle

    Tom Jones, Madness, Il Divo and Michael Ball are the stellar names who will be performing at Alnwick Castle across three nights next week – and it’s all just a short drive from our Northumberland parks!

    If you’re planning on heading down to one of these exciting events a stay at Berwick or Haggerston Castle could be perfect for you.

    Alnwick Castle events

    • Tom Jones – 13th July
    • Madness – 14th July
    • Il Divo and Michael Ball- 15th July

    And even if none of these musicians are your kind of thing, you may be interested to know some scenes from the Harry Potter films were filmed Alnwick Castle – including the Quidditch lesson with Madam Hooch!

    In fact, in August there’s an entire week at the Castle dedicated to the Wizarding World. From August 28 to September 1 you’ll be taught how to master a broomstick, be able to enjoy a costumed behind-the-scenes tour and meet characters inspired the films.

    Then you can pop back and enjoy a relaxing bite to eat at Berwick’s delicious The Brigs of Tweed bar and restaurant. There’s simply no reason not to visit!

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    Alnwick Castle – A History

    • The castle was originally built in the 11th century
    • At first it was used to control the border between England and Scotland
    • The Duke of Northumberland actually lives in the castle but only occupies part of it
    • Alnwick is the second largest inhabited castle in England – only Windsor Castle is bigger
    • It is also home to a stunning garden set around a cascading fountain
    • Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone/Chamber Of Secrets, Downton Abbey and Transformers have all used Alnwick Castle as a filming location


    Are you planning a trip to Alnwick Castle? Let us know what you’re going to see in the comment section below!