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    Dogs Welcome: Our favourite coastal places for taking your four-legged friend

    Whether you’re a solitary stroller or prefer your outdoor pursuits in the company of anyone and everyone, no dog lover can deny the joy of taking the pooch along with you on a blustery walk along the coast.

    However, if you’re usually stationed far from the beach and often only make it to the coast on your holiday, you’ll be well aware of the hassle of trying to bring along your canine companion. Often you’ll end up putting your dog into expensive kennels, asking your friends and family to help or trawling the internet for hours to find the right dog friendly location!

    However, we understand that a dog is part of the family, which is why we welcome dogs at all bar one of our 36 parks, dotted across the UK coast. As a caravan owner at Haven, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to bring your dog to a place where it’s always welcome, surrounded by the things it loves best (namely, you, and miles of outdoor space). As well as that, as a caravan owner, your dog will soon learn to call your home-away-from home its home too, safe in the knowledge that he or she will feel settled and relaxed, just like you.

    Even if you’re not a caravan owner yet, we’ve handpicked our favourite dog-friendly coastal walks for you to try. Missed a spot? Let us know in the comments!

    1. Perran Sands: Perranporth Village End, Cornwall

    Nothing beats walking through the dunes that overlook Perranporth Village End beach with your dog ready to explore. After you’ve meandered for a while, you should find yourself nearing the 8ft tall St. Piran’sCross,thought to be the oldest in the county. Dogs are allowed off-lead year-round, apart from July and August.

    2. Greenacres: Black Rock Sands, North Wales

    The beautiful, blustery Black Rock Sands (or TraethMorfaBychan in Welsh) is renowned for its expansive beach and stunning views. Luckily for fans of four paws, dogs can scamper about on the eastern and western sides of the beaches while you take in great gulps of sea air. Also worth exploring are the sweeping dunes, where you can uncover rare maritime plants together.

    3. Blue Dolphin: Filey Beach, North Yorkshire

    Bring Fido to Filey (sorry, we couldn’t resist), where they’ll be able to gaze out at the windsurfers on the water or simply get their paws mucky in the beach’s golden sand. If you take a trip north on the coast path together, you might come across some rock pools at Filey Brigg (don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

    5. Doniford Bay: Porlock Beach, Somerset

    If you think walking the dog along the coast just isn’t done properly unless you’ve savoured a pint (or two) on the way, then head over to Porlock Bay near the Exmoor National Park. Stumble across the shingle ridges on the beach and make your way along the coast path, into the woodland and onward to The Ship Inn, one of the oldest inns on Exmoor. You can then choose to turn around and head back to the coast, or carry on through the woodland in a big loop.

    6. The Orchards: Brightlingsea, Essex

    Grab the lead, bundle up your pup and get yourselves down to beautiful Brightlingsea beach between September and May. Whilst your dog won’t be able to appreciate the array of brightly painted beach huts, it’ll certainly enjoy scampering about on the craggy sand.

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    7. Littlesea: Greenhill, Dorset

    Put on some sturdy shoes and get yourself and your pup down to the serene Greenhill beach and let them loose in the glittering blue water. Located just a mile away from our Littlesea Park, this walk is more suited to Spring and Autumn , as dogs aren’t permitted on the beach from 1st May-30th September.

    8. Marton Mere: Fleetwood Beach, Blackpool

    Once you and your four-legged friend have finished enjoying the great green stretch of Fleetwood Esplanade, take yourselves for a walk down the recently refurbished promenade of the neighbouring beach. Originally used as a fishing port, this Irish Sea-facing beach reveals a sandy expanse for cockle pickers to do their work. Sadly, no dogs are allowed from 1st June to 31st August.

    9. Haggerston Castle: Spittal Beach, Northumberland

    If your dog considers itself a friend of all the animals, they’ll wag their tail almost all the way off at Spittal Beach, which is home to seals, and sometimes dolphins. Not only that, Spittal Beach allows dogs on its sandy shores all-year round. The beach is also an area of outstanding natural beauty, so you’ll be able to soak up the sights while your pet keeps its eye out for its newfound friends.

    10.Allhallows: Allhallows Beach, Kent

    Thanks to a mammoth effort by the local community, Allhallows Beach recently gained sandy beach status after an operation to clear away tonnes of debris. Now, the quarter mile stretch of sand is the perfect way to wake up your legs in the morning, or wind down your doggy after a day of excitement. If you don’t want to risk sandy paws, you can still take in the sea view from the grass that borders the bank before the beach.

    Where are your favourite coastal places to walk your dog? Have you been to any of the places mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below!