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    Best places to visit in autumn

    The most beautiful season of them all is upon us – it’s autumn! We’ve found some of the best places you can visit to get that gold, brown and red autumnal feeling in the UK this year.

    Stourhead Garden

    Stourhead is beautiful all year around but the autumn colours really highlight just how stunning a place it is to visit. Based just 36 miles from our very own Rockley Park, as well as not being too far away from our Somerset and other Dorset parks, it could be the perfect stop off point to stretch your legs on a long journey while taking in the scenery.


    Thetford Forest covers more than 50,000 acres of land so there are pretty much no limits to the amount of exploring you can do with the leaves crunching beneath your feet. This makes it the largest lowland pine forest in the country and you can even hire mountain bikes if you fancy a different route around the forest. It’s situated in Norfolk so you can use any of our four parks there as a base!

    Autumn is the best time for a peaceful getaway at Haven

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    New Forest

    Not too far from the amazing Rockley Park, the New Forest is probably one of the most famous in the country and it’s definitely worth a visit in the autumn time! This is the time of year when the Forest really comes alive with pubs starting to light their log fires and the leaves changing from greens to yellows and golds.

    Lake Windermere

    Already one of the most peaceful places in the country, Lake Windermere, in the Lake District, is the perfect place to come and enjoy the change of season. Take a cruise down the lake and see the hills and mountains surround you in autumnal colours. If you fancy a trip you can stay at our Lakeland park which is just around the corner!

    Where is your favourite place to visit in autumn? Is autumn your favourite season? Let us know in the comment section below!