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    The Big Beach Clean Up! Plus Hafan Y Mor’s exciting news!

    It may not come as surprise to you but at Haven we are passionate about our beaches. So passionate in fact that we are active within the community to help restore, care for and clean up the beaches that surround our parks. 19 of the beaches that are near our parks have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Beach award – something we are extremely proud of.  All this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the volunteers that go out in all weathers keeping our beaches tidy and enjoyable. The volunteers can be made up of staff, owners and local people, all giving up there time to help make their community a wonderful place to live – it’s also for this reason that each of our parks have received a David Ballamy award for conservation.

    Devon Cliffs

    Recently at Devon Cliffs our Green Team Leader, Brian O’Brien, rallied a group together to go down to Sandy Bay and litter-pick. The wonderful team consisted of people from the community, owners at Devon Cliffs and their families, and local school children from Littleham Primary (plus a few four-legged friends came for a day out!). Together they collected 50 bags of rubbish, which between 70 people is an amazing achievement!

    After all the hard work was over they all had a picnic on the beach, something one volunteer said she hadn’t done since she was eight years old!

    Our wonderful volunteers at Devon Cliffs!

    Our wonderful volunteers at Devon Cliffs!At


    Presthaven Sands 

    At Presthaven Sands in Prestatyn, North Wales, they have just been awarded a Distinction in David Bellamy’s Awards – something we are extremely proud of!
    They have been awarded this prestigious award for the work they do to help preserve the local landscape, as well as the animals who live there. They have been working along side the country side services in Wales and the county council on a 10 Year environmental plan, which includes preserving the very important sand dunes that separate the park and the beach.
    Protecting the dunes are also extremely important due to the wild-life living in there. We are lucky to have Sand Lizards, Natterjack Toads and rare bee’s making their homes, perfect for some wild-life spotting!

    It’s not just the animals on land that we help protect, we are overwhelmed with joy at the amount of birds that want to pay us and our guests a visit. In fact we have the only colony of Skylarks in the area making a home on our coast, plus we have many different Gulls around our park, its hard to miss them!
    Fun Fact! There is actually no such things as a Seagull, only sea-birds, there are  several different species of gull, mainly herring gulls.

    We also have a ‘Grazing Project’. One of our Wardens noticed that we had a field that was overgrown but full of brambles, so had the idea that we should have ponies to natural graze the land. We extended our Haven family by five Welsh Mountain Ponies who now leisurely keep our grassy verge neat – it also means that the Natterjack Toads find it easier to get back to the water.

    Our Welsh Mountain Ponies

    Our Welsh Mountain Ponies


    Hafan Y Mor

    Last but least a massive congratulations to Hafan Y Mor who were presented with the AA campsite of the year award! The inspection is based on the overall quality of the park, the level of customer care, cleanliness, quality of sport and entertainment facilities and the ongoing investment across the park – Well done Hafan Y Mor!

    hafan y mor aa award


    These are just some of the amazing achievements we have at Haven – and we want to keep getting better and better!
    During our clean-ups we do find some interesting things on the beach, for example Thorpe Park reguarly find some interesting Viking Artifacts! What is the most interesting thing you have found a beach? Let us know in the comments below.