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    Blackpool Illuminations

    Blackpool is famed for its annual light show which lets tourists enjoy months of bright lights of northern England and we want to let you know all about the incredible illuminations!

    What are the illuminations?

    • Did you know the illuminations actually started way back in 1879?
    • The residents called the lights ‘Artificial sunshine’ and it was just eight simple arc lamps that shone the way – no longer were the days of darkness when the tide came in!
    • It was 1912 when the illuminations take the shape of the event that we know today, starting with just 10,000 bulbs; Blackpool celebrated their first Royal visit.
    • Now the Illuminations stretch over 10km and use over a million bulbs, the event is known as one of the most iconic sights in the UK.

    Who switched the lights on?

    Switch-On Celebs

    • 2016 – Barbara Windsor
    • 2015 – Tim Burton
    • 2014 – Peter Kay
    • 2013 – Jonathan Ross
    • 2012 – Olympic medal winners
    • 2011 – Keith Lemon
    • 2010 – Robbie Williams

    Our very own YouTube star Helen did!

    But that was last year…in 2016 the brilliant actress Barbara Windsor was the latest in a long line of celebs to have the honour of switching on the Blackpool Illuminations.

    Speaking about it, she said: “Some people say we want this, we want that and I say oh, I’d love to switch on the Lights in Blackpool. I just feel a great love for it and I´m so, so thrilled to be doing it, I cannot tell you, I’m just over the moon.”

    How much is it?

    It’s free! One of the best parts about the Illuminations is that it can be a cheap and cheerful day and night out. That is of course, you don’t get pulled in by the many different toys and sparkly things that are sold along the promenade…

    When’s it on until?

    The lights will be switched off on November 6th so there is still plenty of time to see these northern lights! And if you’re planning no make the trip, why not visit one of our two Blackpool parks.

    I want to know more!

    Not to worry, we’ve got our very own 48 hour guide to Lancashire for you where we take a trip to the Blackpool Illuminations!

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