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    Blackpool in the top 10 places to visit!

    The Mirror recently released the best -rated UK destinations and 8 out of the 10 places were very much North of the Watford Gap!

    According to Tripadvisor reviews the North has become a popular destination to visit this year, including Blackpool which came in at number 6 – and we know some people who would agree with this!

    We recently invited 35 Thomson Reps to come and visit our Marton Mere park in Blackpool as we wanted them to experience Haven and what we can offer.
    The leisure team had only an hour  with them so quickly got to work. Sheena, who is the Leisure Manager at Marton Mere, split the group in to two with Sheena taking one group and Ranger Steve taking the other.

    Ranger Steve had the group making fires and shelter building while Sheena helped the group make something to remember their short but sweet time in Blackpool – Sand Art!

    The travel agents couldn’t speak highly enough of the team at Marton Mere saying,

    ‘The service was great as was the cleanliness of the park. The food was also outstanding. Well done to all the team at Marton Mere, you really showcased the park at it’s best. We’d also like to thank Sheena for arranging the activities – they we’re great fun!’


    Thomson Travel

    The Thomson Reps proudly showing off their Sand Art!


     Have you visited our Marton Mere park? 

    coverphoto by  Amanda Wilson – My Uncle loving life!