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    The Blue Flag Awards!

    The Blue Flag Awards were announced this week and we are very pleased with ourselves – and you should be too!
    Haven can proudly announce that we own two award-winning beach beauties, Sandy Bay at Devon Cliffs and Lydstep Beach in South Wales.  This would not of been made possible without our helpful owners and wonderful team, working together to keep our high standards!
    We truly are mad about our beaches here, some may even say obsessive, however when we found out this exciting news it made it all worth while.

    What are the Blue Flag Awards?
    ‘The Blue Flag is a prestigious, international award scheme which acts as a guarantee to tourists that a beach they are visiting is one of the best in the world.’ (source It is awarded annually and is valid for only one year which makes it even more special.

    But what is it beaches need to have?
    Not any old beach can have the Blue Flag placed on their sand, oh no! The beaches have to pass numerous standards, including Water Quality, safety and services and environmental management.

    How many Haven Parks are near Blue Flag beaches?
    We are pleased to say that 18 parks near these beautiful coastal locations, including nine parks less that one mile away – plus eight of those nine have direct access!
    Oh and did we mention we actually own two of them beaches?

    Lydstep Beach

    Sand? Check. Pebbles? Check. Impressive wooded cliffs at either end of the beach? Check. Lydstep Beach certainly does have all the criteria needed for a world class beach.
    As this beach is privately owned you will no longer have to fight for towel space, your kids can run free and you can sit back, relax on what will feel like your own private haven.

    Lydstep Beach

    Lydstep Beach

    Sandy Bay

    Fancy taking a trip back in time? Sandy Bays Jurassic coastline will really make you feel like you are walking with dinosaurs. After all that walking you can treat yourself to a cream-tea at our South Beach Cafe.

    Recently at Devon Cliffs our Green Team Leader, Brian O’Brien gather a willing group of volunteers to head down to our Sandy Bay and litter-pick to keep our beach in tip top condition!
    The group was made up of team members,  the local community and our lovely owners, who roped their families in to help, with a promise of a picnic on the beach at the end – one owner said she had’t done this since she was eight years old!
    Together they collected 50 bags of rubbish, which between 70 people is an amazing achievement!

    Devon's BIG beach clean up!

    Devon’s BIG beach clean up!

    We are proud of all our parks, our team and our owners who make winning these awards possible. For a full list of the Blue Flag Awards and more information click here.