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    Have a brilliant bonfire night with Haven

    Bonfire night is one of our favourite times of the year here at Haven. Spectacular firework displays, roaring bonfires and spending time with our loved ones are just some of the reasons we love November the 5th.

    This year we will be hosting firework displays at ten of our parks before they close. I guess you could say we’re looking to go out with a bang! We’ve put together some handy information on our website about which parks will be hosting firework displays. If you can’t make it to one of our displays we’ve also given you some inspiration for bonfire events near our parks.


    The tar barrels of Ottery St Mary

    Every year the small town of Ottery St Mary in Devon takes part in a unique tradition on November the 5th. Hundreds of people line the streets as runners pick up flaming hot barrels of tar and race through the town. This tradition celebrates the foiling of the gunpowder plot and it’s considered a great honour to be selected as a runner.


    Distance from Devon Cliffs: 11.8 miles

    Find out more about Ottery St Mary’s unique tradition.

    Poole fireworks cruise

    If you’d prefer a bit more comfort, why not try out the Poole fireworks cruise? You’ll sail through Poole Harbour before watching the fireworks display in a prime position with the stunning Poole Quay in the distance.

    Poole Harbour

    Distance from Rockley Park: 3 miles

    Find out more about the Poole fireworks cruise.

     Lewes bonfire celebrations

    The East Sussex town of Lewes hosts one of the biggest bonfire celebrations in the world on November the 5th. Each year the six bonfire societies of Lewes prepare to celebrate with a variety of processions, firework displays and costumes. The celebrations which can last until 1am feature up to 30 different processions.


    Distance from Combe Haven: 27.3 miles

    Find out more about the biggest bonfire celebration in the world.

    Llandudno pier firework celebrations

    Llandudno pier hosts the biggest firework event in North Wales and returns this year with another spectacular display. The event had over 17,000 people in 2018 and it looks set to get bigger in 2019.

    Llandudno Pier

    Distance from Presthaven: 22.4 miles

    Find out about the biggest firework display in North Wales.

    Late night fireworks at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach will be hosting their final late night fireworks display on November the 2nd. As well as having a display, the rides will also be open late at Blackpool Pleasure Beach so there’s something for all the family to enjoy.

    Blackpool Pier

    Distance from Cala Gran: 8.7 miles

    Distance from Marton Mere: 3.6 miles

    Find out more about the late night fireworks at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach.

    What are you getting up to on bonfire night? Let us know in the comments below.