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    Boot camp – A day with sports and leisure

    It’s time to get sporty and see what the activities team have to offer this year at Haven!

    We met up with Phil and Jack from the sports and leisure team who gave us some handy tips on how to be sporting pros. We wanted to make some  how-to videos of your favourites activities when you visit us at park.

    Here’s a little sneak peak of what we have got up to so far…

    How to climb with Jack..




     New for 2015 we have our Football Academy and here’s the AFC Bournemouth team coaching our team and giving our  us the skills we need to pass on to you.


    Having a splashing time showing off some of the water activities we have this year…


    We’re now going to have Segways at four of our parks ( Devon Cliffs, Haggerston Castle, Craig Tara and Hafan Y Mor) and we want to give you the top tips on how to get around on these two wheeled beauties…


    This is just a handful of the activities on offer at Haven this year and we can wait to show the finished videos so you can get practicing!

    As well as hanging around the leisure lot we also gave a small on talk on why social media is so important to us (we may be a little biased of course!) We love interacting with you lot and we know that keeping up to date with the FunStars is something our social media fans quite enjoy so we spoke to the FunStars all about how we can get them involved in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BBC Children in Need and of course the Blog!

    So fingers crossed you’ll be seeing a lot more of their beautiful faces in 2015!

    Here’s all our FunStars getting social media savvy!


    Thats all for now!
    Love Helen and Madi