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    Bootcamp – A day with the Rangers

    Want to know what it takes to dance like a FunStar? Build a fire like a Ranger? Score a hat-trick like the leisure team?

    It takes a lot of time and effort to become a  fully fledged FunStar, Ranger or part of the leisure team! We have a 10 day boot camp that runs through the middle of February and it’s non-stop training to make sure our teams are the best around.

    This year me and Madi will be joining them for a week at our beautiful Devon Cliffs park (it’s a hard life I know) and we’ll be giving you the latest updates. You can keep up to date with us on Facebook, twitter and our latest edition to the social family – snapchat!

    You can snap happy with us by adding havenholidays.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 16.56.02

    We’re getting all the behind the scenes goss! Here we are with FunStar Kieran


    But what have we been up to?

    Monday 23rd of February will always be known as the day myself and Madi became honorary Park Rangers.
    The Park Rangers are the leaders when it comes to Nature Rockz and each Ranger has different skills and talents which make them the go-to guys (and gals) if you ever found yourself out in the wild.

    We asked a handful of the Rangers to talk us through some of the basic survival techniques and started filming our handy ‘how to’ guides ready for our Youtube channel. Here’s a sneak peak of fun things to look forward to this year…


    How to make Magic tea with Ranger Dai from Lydstep

    Some call him God. Some call him the Guru. But to us he simply calls himself Dai.
    Ranger Dai is one of our original Rangers at Haven and he loves all thing nature and what he doesn’t know about plants, trees and herbs isn’t worth knowing!
    He was our first YouTube star of the day and Madi mentioned she was feeling a little under the weather. Before we knew it Dai was down in the woods picking up the ingredients he needed for his ‘Magic Tea’. He came back with some yarrow and added it to ginger, mint and boiling water.
    Needless to say, a cup of his special brew and Madi was feeling right as rain again.
    Dai explained to us that the earth is trying to heal us, which is why when people tend to get a cold, yarrow grows with it’s magical healing properties.

    We can’t wait for you all to see the magical powers of Dai on this video!

    resized nature rockzzz 1


    Bug hunting with Ranger Brian from Berwick

    One of our most famous and camera ready Rangers, Brian O’Brien has moved parks and headed up north to Berwick in Northumberland. But before he made his final goodbye to Devon Brian took us and three little’uns round the woods and nature trail to see what creepy crawlies called Devon Cliffs their home.
    We had our handy bug hunting gear that will be hitting some of the Haven shops this year!

    resized nature rockzzz 2


    How to build a shelter (in under 3 minutes!) with Ranger Steve from Haggerston Castle

    He also showed us a neat trick to bring our fire back to life

    With a background in the army Ranger Steve is quite the master of disguise, in fact the FunStars at Haggerston Castle claimed they hardly saw him at all due to his amazing camouflages and shelters that he would build during Nature Rockz.
    He showed us how to make a den in under 3 minutes from just 3 sticks, string and a tarp.

    He also got the fire roaring again with ‘Dragon breath’ – intrigued? You’ll have to wait for the video!

    resized nature rockzzz 4


    How to purify water with Ranger Kyle from Lakeland

    If you ever happen to find yourself out in the wild (hey, it happens to the best of us) one of the key skills you’ll need is how to make sure your water is safe to drink. In our new video Ranger Kyle will be showing different ways to make sure that your water is as clean as a whistle.
    He also tells us some interesting facts, as well as which trees produce safe water and which ones to avoid!

    resized nature rockzz 7



    These are just some of the things we got up too! We also made bird-feeders, sand art, bush craft and much more!
    We had a non-stop day yesterday hanging around with the Rangers and as we speak the 22 Rangers are tackling the great outdoors on a Johnny Crockett Survival course. As soon as we hear back from them we’ll let you know how they got on!

    Keep tuned for the next update on life at Bootcamp!

    Love Helen and Madi