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Fun Things to Do in Scotland

Scotland may be known for its breath-taking Highlands, world-famous Loch Ness monster and, of course, the country’s speciality dishes, haggis and black pudding, but did you know there is much …

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What immediately springs to mind when you think of Somerset? Is it the stunning south-west views, the world famous cheese, or the ultimate Great British festival, Glastonbury? If these are some …

Five special Easter traditions you need to try in 2017

We bet you’re all too familiar with Easter eggs and hot cross buns at the moment (who knew they worked so well for breakfast, lunch AND dinner?). If you think the …

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Where to Find the Best Surfing Hotspots in the UK

Surf’s up! Whether you’re a seasoned pro on the hunt for a new beach or a first-timer looking to enrol at a surf-school, you don’t need to look far to …

Haunted places around the UK

Halloween is just around the corner and we've rounded up the most frightful fun you can have around our parks and maybe a ghoulish tale or two! Yorkshire Scarborough When staying at any of …

11 Apps you Need to Download for your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a fantastic way for the whole family to get back to nature. But do you know what could make the camping experience even more stress-free and fun? Wait …

7 Best Autumn Walks

As the landscapes begin to fill with an array of golden shades and the wildlife changes again before the harsh winter months, autumn is the perfect time to get a …

11 UK Views Straight out of a Fairy-Tale

The UK isn’t all bustling cities and gloomy weather: it’s full of stunning views and secret spots that could quite easily be mistaken for fairy-tale backdrops. From the rugged moorland …

Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool is famed for its annual light show which lets tourists enjoy months of bright lights of northern England and we want to let you know all about the incredible illuminations! What are …