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The school holidays are over which means everywhere is nice and quiet if you fancy taking your tots on an adventure! That's why we've found some of the best places …

Alternative beach activities you can do in the UK

A salty breeze, fish and chips, and rogue grains of sand: the sights and smells of the seaside are a nostalgic treat. It’s hard to get bored of such a …

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Many people may associate surfing with destinations like Australia or Hawaii, but did you know there are loads of great surfing spots right here in the UK? Check out our …

National Marine Week: 23rd July – 7th August

7 must visit events in Sussex – kicking off with Pirate Day 2017!

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Adventurous Father’s Day Activities In The UK

Calling all dads! Looking for your perfect haven?

Family Days Out in South Wales

Fun Things to Do in Scotland

Scotland may be known for its breath-taking Highlands, world-famous Loch Ness monster and, of course, the country’s speciality dishes, haggis and black pudding, but did you know there is much …

Family Fun Days Out in Somerset

What immediately springs to mind when you think of Somerset? Is it the stunning south-west views, the world famous cheese, or the ultimate Great British festival, Glastonbury? If these are some …

Five special Easter traditions you need to try in 2017

We bet you’re all too familiar with Easter eggs and hot cross buns at the moment (who knew they worked so well for breakfast, lunch AND dinner?). If you think the …

Great Family Days Out in Kent

For an extraordinary day out in South East England, Kent is a jewel you simply have to visit. Not only will you be mesmerised by picturesque landscapes and breath-taking views; …

How To Live Like A Local: Devon

Enjoy stunning views of the red cliffs and the breathtaking South West coast when you take a trip to visit Devon. This part of the country is truly beautiful, and we …

Things to tick off your bucket list this year

I love trying new and exciting things and if you do too then Haven is the perfect place for you this year! Check out our video below to see what …