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Yorkshire’s Filey beach voted top six in the world!

It’s not often that you hear Bondi beach and Filey beach in the same conversation - they're around 9,000 miles apart, but both were recently voted in the best Travelers’ …

Best beaches in Dorset

Are you looking for the best beaches in Dorset? Well, look no further, we have searched 'tide' and low - here's our top picks! Chesil Cove Chesil Cove is one of the …

Blue Flag and Seaside Awards 2019

The results are in... The Blue Flag and Seaside awards - which present awards to the best well-kept beaches in the country - have been announced and we can’t wait to …

Haven parks just around the corner from Trip Advisor’s best UK beaches

Filey is named Beach of the Year 2018 by The Times

Sandy Bay and Lydstep Beach handed Blue Flag Beach awards

Dog friendly beaches near Haven parks

Bournemouth Beach – TripAdvisor’s Best Beach in the UK

Blue Flag Beach Awards 2017

Beaches for your pooches all year round

At Haven we know that holidays are for the whole family - and that includes your four legged members - but with some beaches restricting access to dogs in the …

Fun things to do with your tots on the beach!

There's nothing quite like visiting a beach when summer arrives, but when you've got a tot there's far more to do than sunbathing and going for a paddle! Story time It's simple, …

Dogs Welcome: Our favourite coastal places for taking your four-legged friend

Whether you’re a solitary stroller or prefer your outdoor pursuits in the company of anyone and everyone, no dog lover can deny the joy of taking the pooch along with …

Great Days Out in North Wales

Millions of British holidaymakers flock to North Wales each year, and it’s easy to see why. A haven of national parks, whitewashed castles and breath-taking beaches, it is the perfect …

Fantastic beaches and where to find them

This week we are being invited back to JK Rowling's wizarding world for an adventure in "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" so as it's a nice play on …

UK or Abroad: Where are these Beaches found?

Thinking about jetting off to a distant isle? Need a relaxing beach break? You may want to look closer to home. That’s right, the UK has azure waters and coastal beauty, …