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7 Most Amazing Sand Sculptures

These aren't just your average sandcastle's, here are some of the most amazing and stunning pieces of sand art in the world! Sit back and be amazed at what can …

Fantastic beaches and where to find them

This week we are being invited back to JK Rowling's wizarding world for an adventure in "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" so as it's a nice play on …

UK or Abroad: Where are these Beaches found?

Thinking about jetting off to a distant isle? Need a relaxing beach break? You may want to look closer to home. That’s right, the UK has azure waters and coastal beauty, …

Blue Flag Beach Awards 2016

Things you didn’t know about the UK coastline

The Great British Beach-Off

Best beaches in Dorset

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How to build the perfect sandcastle

It’s August Bank Holiday, hooray! What do you have planned this weekend? If you haven’t made plans yet we’ve got just the answer – head to the beach for some …

Cornish camping with a beachfront view

One of the biggest draws to Cornwall? Hands down, the great beaches. These beaches draw everyone in with their luminous glow and Bohemian  attitude. Holidaymakers travel far and wide to enjoy …

Visit our Blue Flag Beaches!

We are mad about beaches at Haven, which does make sense as we are the Britain’s favourite Seaside Holiday! However, we may have some competition from the guys and gals …