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    Bringing the Outdoors in: The Best Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

    Conscious of your carbon footprint? Our glamping holidays are the perfect eco-friendly answer to enjoying an outdoor break in comfort.

    Fully-assembled super-tents, safari tents, yurts and geo domes rely on just a small amount of electricity, gas and water, meaning you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that you are contributing towards a greener future. What’s more, you won’t be giving up the luxuries of a hotel – cookers, fridges and beds are all set up for your family before you arrive.

    Want to start being more green before your Haven holiday? Here’s our pick of some of the best eco-friendly products for your home.

    Cork home comforts

    Resistant and biodegradable, cork is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials you can buy. Cork oak forests constitute a habitat for more than 200 animal species and 135 types of plants around the world. Their bark regrows naturally, without any need for chemical herbicides, fertilisers or irrigation and, most importantly, their cell structure retains carbon dioxide.

    Cork is now more popular than ever, and retailers such as Mind The Cork specialise in cork-crafted cushions, coasters and placemats. Each product is fair-trade and made with sustainable materials.

    Multi-surface cleaners

    Many cleaning products are packed with harsh chemicals which harm the environment. Some of the worst offenders include phosphates, bleach nitrogen and ammonia, which can contaminate water and in regular use be harmful to people.

    Trying to be eco-friendlier? The first step is to switch to an eco-friendly cleaning product which uses all natural ingredients. Vistal’s multi-surface cleaner is not only great for the environment (it is fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH, and is free of toxins and phosphates), it also removes the most stubborn stains, including tarnish, limescale, burn-marks, baked-on grease and watermarks from almost all hard surfaces.

    Solar-powered gadgets

    The best bit about the great outdoors is the amount of sunshine and Vitamin D you can expect. Far from being stuck in a stuffy office all day, Haven holidays give families the chance to become one with nature.

    To fully embrace your inner eco-warrior, why not invest in some solar-powered accessories for your next family holiday?

    Select Solar Gadgets have a range of wind-up lanterns, radios, torches and battery chargers which are ideal for glamping holidays. To top up their juice, simply pop the gadgets outside your tent during the day!

    Draught-proof devices

    As colder weather sets in, the focus turns from letting air in to keeping air out. You may have double-glazing keeping your windows draught-free, but what about your letter box?

    While many letter boxes come with brushes or flaps, these can block post from coming through fully, usually jamming the flap on the outside. Of course, if your home is consistently letting a draught in, you can expect your heating bills to skyrocket.

    Luckily, there is Eco Flap, a draught-excluding fixture which is immune to high winds. Just fit the device to the inside of your door, and voilà! Now you have an eco-friendly answer to keeping your home toasty.

    At Haven, we offer glamping holidays at Perran Sands, Burnham-on-Sea, Kiln Park, Littlesea, Seaview and Wild Duck. Which will you visit on your next family holiday?