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    Britain’s Best Beach is just a stone’s throw from Weymouth Bay

    As part of the 2017 Traveller’s Choice Awards, TripAdvisor have announced their Top 10 Beaches in the UK. This year sees Weymouth Beach in Dorset take the crown as Britain’s best beach and it even places in the Top Ten for Europe.

    Haven’s Weymouth Bay Holiday Park, located just a five minute drive for Weymouth Beach, is home to a wide array of activities and facilities including indoor and outdoor pool with Lazy River, scenic nature walks, market leading family entertainment and expert led outdoor nature activities. With almost 50,000 holidaymakers staying at the Dorset holiday park in 2016, it proved the perfect place for families to enjoy a coastal break and explore the historic Jurassic coastline.

    And that’s not all, Littlesea Holiday Park is also just around the corner where you can enjoy an indoor swimming pool with all kinds of water spouts and sprays, outdoor pool, Nature Rockz activities, adventure golf and family entertainment.

    Haven Weymouth Bay Lazy River

    Lazy River at Weymouth Bay

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    The awards also included Perranporth Beach, which sits on the banks of Haven’s Perran Sands Holiday Park. This park allows holidaymakers the chance to explore Poldark country in all its glory, not only is it home to a whole array of facilities and activities including surf and paddle board school.

    Holidaymakers can explore the largest dunes in Cornwall covering around 650 hectares, which are also the highest in Britain. These types of coastal locations are often teaming with wildlife and Perran Sands is no different. It is home to a huge array of wildlife including skylarks, razorbills, garden tiger moths and even the quirkily named scrambled egg lichen.

    Perranporth Beach

    Perranporth Beach

    Have you been to Weymouth or Perranporth Beach? What’s your favourite beach in the UK? Let us know yours thoughts by putting them in the comments section below!

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