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    How to build an indoor den

    When the weather is dull, keep your little ones’ smiles bright by creating an indoor den to fill those rainy days.

    Using inspiration from our creative Haven guests who entered our #IBuiltADen competition, follow these top tips to build an indoor den that they won’t ever want to leave!

    Step 1 – Find the perfect spot

    Firstly, make sure that you have enough space to build your den, with enough room to fit everybody in nicely. It also needs to be somewhere where it can be up for a while without getting in the way.

    Step 2 – Choose the structure

    Perhaps the most important step is making sure you have a sturdy structure which will create the walls of your den. Consider using the backs of chairs, tables, or even a drying rack!

    Step 3 – Make it extra comfy!

    Place down blankets and cushions for a touch of luxury in your secret hideaway. It’s best to do this before you raise the roof, because it’s much easier to move around when there’s no ceiling limiting the space.

    Learn how to build an outdoor den with our Nature Rockz program

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    Step 4 – Assemble the roof

    An indoor den wouldn’t be a den without a roof to make it your cosy little space. Choose a large sheet or two to drape over your structure and use clothes pegs to attach it so that it stays in place.

    Handy tip: Don’t choose anything too heavy, as it might cave in and spoil the fun!

    Step 5 – Interior design

    Make your den epic by considering decorative features. Add in some fairy lights and bunting to make it more magical. Maybe even a sign to keep the grown ups out! The only limit is your imagination!

    Step 6 – Those finishing touches

    Whether you want to bring in some toys, games or your furry friend, make sure you have everything you need to make your time in the den as fun as possible.

    The best bit? No two indoor dens are the same! It’s time to let your imagination run wild and get creative!

    Share pictures of your indoor den on our Facebook page, or in the comments sections below.