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    How to build the perfect sandcastle

    Ever built a sandcastle that falls down straight after removing the bucket? Well by following these few simple steps you will be sure to have the perfect masterpiece every time!

    What you’ll need:

    1. Bucket (if you don’t have your own then head to the gift shop and pick up your own Seaside Squad bucket and spade kit!)
    2. Spade
    3. Damp Sand
    4. Additional tools for decoration e.g. flags, shells, rocks and sculpting tools e.g. spoon, stick
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    How to: 

    • Step 1 – Choose your area to build your castle
    • Step 2 – Dig, dig, dig – Start digging out the sand needed to make your castle (but make sure that you use moist sand as dry sand will not do the trick and your castle will fall!)
    • Step 3 – Once your bucket is full or once you have created your mound to sculpt pat it down with the flat side of your spade/hands if you have made a mound or with your fist if you have used a bucket
    • Step 4 – If you have used a bucket to make your castle then flip it upside down and tap the bottom of the bucket to loosen your castle and then slowly lift the bucket the bucket up – and now you should have the perfect castle all-ready to decorate!
    • Step 5, Part b – if you have used a mound of sand to sculpt then you can start carving out all of your different elements, whether you’re making a castle or a car!
    • Step 6 – Decorate! Now you have your plain masterpiece you can decorate it to your liking! You can use anything from flags to objects you find on the beach e.g. shells, seaweed, driftwood or feathers!

    Little bit of the WOW! Factor

    • Why not dig a moat around your castle and fill it with water! You could use your bucket, fill it with water and hay presto or you could wait for the tide to come in and let the sea fill in your moat and see if your creation can withstand the sea!
    • Why not build walls connecting different sandcastles to make a mega sandcastle – you can do this by taking a handful of sand and compacting it into a firm triangle/rectangle shape then gently joining them to you existing towers

    Now you have the perfect seaside creation and you can do what you like with it, knock it down and start again, take a picture and stick it on Facebook or just stand and admire your creation!

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