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    Caister-on-Sea introduces a brand-new Adventure Village

    2020 is set to be an exciting year for our Caister-on-Sea holiday park in Norfolk as we get ready to introduce a brand-new Adventure Village this April. Work has been underway since the middle of November and two months on, the development is starting to take shape.

    The state-of-the-art leisure facility will be built on the green behind the main complex where the multi-sports court can be found. Jam-packed with the very best activities, the Adventure Village will see a total of 16 individual areas to choose from, including adrenaline-inducing drops, leisurely seating and snacks.

    Take a look below to check out what activities will be available:

    4 x 4 off-roaders

    Perfect for little ones to safely get behind the wheel in their own vehicle, watch them navigate the course, tackling the twists and turns of our specially constructed track whilst learning to master their own mini 4 x 4.

    Junior Segways

    For those junior racers that prefer their vehicles with two wheels, then our Segways are just the ticket. Those partaking in the activity will have the freedom to weave in and out of obstacles, competing against each other with our instructors close at hand.

    The Jump

    The adrenaline junkies amongst us looking for their next challenge will love our all new outdoor tower which features the both breath-taking and exhilarating activity, The Jump.

    Aerial Adventure

    If leaping out of a tower isn’t challenging enough, our Aerial Adventure activity will give you the chance to take a bird’s-eye view of the park as you climb up to the platform and carefully work your way around the obstacles. A word of advice – don’t look down! There is also a Mini Aerial Adventure ropes course for younger climbers looking to embark on their own little challenge.

    Bungee Trampolines

    Thanks to the bungee cords, your little ones are free to jump as high as they please on our trampolines and there’s no fear of falling. Over-seeing all of the other activities taking place across the village, the bungee trampolines are a great way to take a peek at our brand-new facility.

    Play areas

    For the little ones not yet big enough to take part in the more adventurous activities, or those adults not up for the challenge, our play areas ensure that there’s always something to be doing. There will be an outdoor play area located behind the multi-use games space, as well as a dedicated play area for tots further away in a quieter corner, further away from the action.

    Chill out

    And for when it all gets a little too much and you’d prefer to spectate, there is also a selection of rest and relaxation areas. Positioned in front of the outdoor stage – which will see a host of events and entertainment – are the outdoor seating and sunbathing areas. Take in the atmosphere, soak up the sun, or treat yourself to something to eat from our ‘Sweet Treats’ container whilst watching the activities get underway.

    As you can see, there’s plenty to look forward to in Norfolk this spring – watch this space! Find out more about our Caister-on-Sea developments here.