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    Calling all dads! Looking for your perfect haven?

    What better way to spend Father’s Day weekend than relaxing by the pool, strolling down the beach, enjoying a golf holiday, or seeing what you can catch with a spot of fishing? Here at Haven we have activities to suit every type of dad!

    Adventurous Dads 

    If you are a dad looking for adventure this June then Haven is the perfect place to stay! From aerial assault courses to surfing lessons, and zip wires to bungee trampolines there is an array of activities to make every adventurous dad feel an adrenaline rush.


    Foodie Dads

    Who wouldn’t want a delicious meal on the stunning Great British coast? We all know that dad’s love their food so Haven offers an array of unique on site restaurants for families to enjoy. Take dad down to South Beach Café, overlooking the stunning Sandy Bay at Devon Cliffs Holiday Park in Exmouth, where mouth-watering locally sourced fish is served up regularly, the perfect accompaniment to a picturesque view.


    Record Breaking Dads

    The whole family can become Guinness World Record champions this year at Haven. Guinness World Records has provided Haven with 18 Guinness World Records titles to challenge. These titles include ‘Fastest Time to Pack a Suitcase’, ‘Tallest Flip Flop Stack in 30 seconds’ and ‘Fastest Time to Pass Through 10 Rubber Rings’. Put your dad to the test and see if he can get into the record books!


    To find out what you could get up to at Haven on Father’s Day click here!

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    Chilled out Dads

    What could be more relaxing than a stroll along glorious golden sands, sunbathing on the beach and paddling in the English sea. Chilled out dad’s can enjoy a nice walk along coastal paths, taking in the stunning views around them. Or maybe your dad is looking to enjoy quick session in the spa which is available across a selection of Haven holiday parks, and will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for anything.


    Sporty Dads

    We all know that dads can be competitive, so if you think you can face the challenge then how about challenging your dad to a round of golf? Or maybe see who can catch the biggest fish at one of our fishing lakes? If your dad is sporty then the majority of our parks also have sports courts so whether football, tennis, rounders or basketball is your thing, we have a challenge to suit you!


    Explorer Dads

    If your dad likes to explore new areas and discover hidden treasures, Haven has plenty of parks to suit you. Our parks are nestled within wonderful natural surroundings, perfect for getting some fresh air and exploring nature at its best. Explore the rock pools with your dad and see if you can spot any starfish or hermit crabs! A guided nature trail with our qualified rangers will have you exploring woodlands and coastal paths and finding hidden gems in the area. Our parks are all based close by to major towns and cities so there are always new areas to explore.


    How are you celebrating Father’s Day this year? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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