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    Caravan & Camping Show with Ben Fogle

    We went along to the Caravan and Camping Show showcase last week to check out the latest gadgets and equipment we think are must-haves for your next camping trip.

    Think campfires burning, sausages cooking on the bbq, sun shining, and toasting marshmallows, it really was the perfect day.

    We came across some really cool gadgets at the show. A few of my favourites that I definitely want to try out on my next camping trip were:


    If you can’t go without your coffee then you’re going to love this one! Enjoy freshly made coffee on your next camping trip with this handy little portable hand-powered espresso machine. With built in espresso cup, scoop and filter, all you need to do is fill it up and pump away to get your perfect coffee.


    Matador Pocket Blanket

    This handy little blanket is perfect for on the go! The blanket folds down into a tiny little square meaning it can fit easily into your pocket or bag. Have you ever been sitting on the beach with your blanket blowing around in the breeze around you? Well not anymore as the metador blanket has weighted corners and is also water repellent making it the perfect blanket to take to enjoy the beach with.


    BioLite Camp Stove

    Now this really is the gadget that can do it all. Toast marshmallows on the stove on a cold winters night, attach the grill to cook your camp mates tea, and make everyone a cuppa by boiling the 1.5 litre kettle on the stove, and do all this whilst charging up your phone! My favourite part about this device has to be charge point at the back of the stove which allows you to charge your electronic devices all whilst cooking your favourite super! It all fits conveniently back inside the kettle making it easy for on the go use.


    LuminAID Solar Lamp 

    A source of light is a necessity for any outdoor explorer. The LiminAID Solar Lamp is easy to inflate and deflate, and can float in water up to one metre. Attach it to your backpack to charge it up on the go, you can get 16 hours of light from one full solar charge! Hang the inflated solar lamp from your tent to create your own ceiling light, or use it as a torch for on the go. The light also has an emergency flash lasting 32 hours, don’t take your next camping trip without it!


    One of my favourite things I saw at the show was this cute little dog tent! At Haven, we see your four legged friends as part of the family and love it when you bring them on holiday with you! We offer pet friendly holidays across the majority of our parks and think this tent would be perfect for your fellow camp mate.


    To find out everything you need to know about camping & caravanning head over to the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show in February. Follow this link of more details

    Click here

    We were lucky enough to have a chat with Mr Outdoors him self Ben Fogle at the show, to find out what he loves about the great outdoors!

    Where is your favourite seaside destination to visit in the UK:

    • I like exploring new areas but the West country is my favourite. I particularly like visiting Devon and Cornwall.

    What is it you like about these areas:

    • I like the dramatic coastlines, big cliffs and the weather is generally warmer – which is a massive bonus for in the UK!

    What is it you like about going away in the UK?

    • There are so many different places to explore. I love going to different counties and showing the kids new things. I also love visiting the National Parks we have in the UK – they truly are magnificent.

    How many times a year do you tend to go away on holiday?

    • Me, my wife and two children tend to go away on a lot of weekend trips throughout the year. I’d say we probably go away a couple of dozen times a year.

    What sort of things do you like to get up to on a seaside break?

    • I’m always making sandcastles with the kids, walking the dog along the beach, flying kites, fishing and my wife loves going on adventure trails with the kids.

    When you go away do you like to go camping or do you stay in a motorhome?

    • I have stayed in a motorhome a couple of times but I love camping.

    When was the last time you built a sandcastle?

    • Last November on holiday in Cornwall

    How do you like your fish and chips by the sea?

    • I like to put lemon on my fish

    What’s your favourite ice-cream to have at the beach?

    • You can’t beat a classic cone with vanilla ice-cream and always definitely a flake!

    What gadget would you not leave the house without when you go on a camping trip?

    • I love coffee so I wouldn’t leave without my espresso making machine!


    Where’s your favourite place to go camping? What travel gadgets could you not live without? Let us know in the comment section below