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    Caravan Review: ABI Ambleside

    For some, the ABI Ambleside can be the first and only holiday home. For others, it’s the dream upgrade. Either way, it’s a quality model that I’m hoping to give you a better idea in this review.

    If there’s anything you want to know about the Ambleside that I don’t cover here, just let me know the comments and I’ll get back to you.

    Or you can review the caravan yourself by arranging a VIP visit to any one of our parks.

    Anyway, let’s have a closer look…


    How big is the ABI Ambleside?

    Both the two and three-bed* versions of the Amblesideare 40ft. long and 13ft. wide.

    Most static caravans are 12ft. wide, so you’re getting an extra foot of space all-round in this one and it definitely shows in the living room…

    The sofas, poof and dining table all have enough space to be freestanding. And there’s a double pull-out bed underneath one of them sofas for guests (or film nights with snacks J).

    There’s a big TV entertainment unit with loads of storage, an electric flame-effect fire and a freestanding lamp (all as standard). It’s a proper family living room.

    It’s safe to say that there’s plenty of room in the ABI Ambleside. And we’re just getting started…


    What’s the kitchen like?

    This is the second best part for me (my favourite bit’s further down).

    The oak finishes on the units, the block wood work tops, the high quality cooker, the freestanding fridge-freezer the amount of storage in the cupboards – there’s lots to like about the Ambleside kitchen.

    I personally love the drawers because they’re the ones that close really slow, no matter how hard you shut them.J

    The leather-effect dining chairs are lovely too and there’s room for mum, dad and two kids at the table (with space either end for any highchairs).

    For the chef of the family, the cooker’s a ‘twin-cavity’, which means you get to use the oven and grill at the same time. It’s got a big splash back panel behind the hob that stretches up to the powered cooker hood. And the black finish blends in nicely with the worktops.

    The kitchen’s split in two by the hallway door – meaning you get plenty of room to dance while you cook (if you’re into that) and the kids can reach their bedrooms without needing to squeeze past you.


    What are the bedrooms like in the caravan?

    I fell in love with the two-bed version, so that’s the one I’m focusing on here – starting with the master bedroom…
    When you think of a caravan, it’s easy to imagine every room being as compact as possible but the Ambleside breaks the mould because there’s LOADS of space in the master bedroom.

    The king-size bed’s in the centre, with overhead storage and reading lights underneath. There’s a dressing table with built-in cupboards, drawers and shelves, two bedside tables, and the bed itself even lifts up for extra storage.

    master bedroom

    All the scatter cushions and runners come as standard, so everything matches. It’s the same for the twin room, which comes with its own cupboards, overhead storage, and space under the beds for any toyboxes.
    But the main reason I love the master bedroom so much is because of its walk-in wardrobe, just behind the bed to the right. It’s not often you get a caravan with enough space for you to walk in to your wardrobe. And there’s an en suite on the left side of the bed as well, which is almost as good as the main bathroom…

    second bedroom

    What are the bathrooms like?

    There are two bathrooms including the en suite, and both of them have their own shower (another thing that isn’t so common in caravans), so you’ve got one for the kids and one for the grownups.

    Both have heaters and extractor fans to get rid of any steam as well.The main bathroom has the luxury of a heated towel rack, which you’ll definitely notice the benefit of when staying on the park during the colder months.


    What other features come with the ABI Ambleside?

    Here’s some  need-to-knows

    • Central heating and double-glazing comes as standard
    • There’s room for an integrated dishwasher, microwave and washing machine in the kitchen
    • The master bedroom has a TV point so you can watch whatever you like while the kids take over the living room
    • The exterior’s made out of scratch-resistant aluminium
    • All the exterior glass is made from ‘low PVCU Therma Glass’ which is better for insulation
    • All exterior door and window frames are made from oak wood

    By the way, if you’re upgrading your caravan and you already have decking fitted to your current model, you may be able to transfer it to the Ambleside – meaning you get the most out of those double-patio doors. Or you can fit new decking once you’ve got the keys.


    *To make room for the third bedroom, the en suite becomes a ‘secondary toilet’ (with no shower) accessible only by the hallway – and the walk-in wardrobe’s taken out of the master bedroom. The king-size bed in the master is also swapped out for a double.


    How much is the ABI Ambleside?

    The price start sat £43,481.01 for this holiday home (in the two-bed version). And it varies from park to park.
    If you want a precise cost for any particular park that you’ve got in mind, just get in touch with the sales guys over the phone. All parks and their phone numbers can be found from here.


    Should I buy an ABI Ambleside?

    I’d describe the ABI Amblesideas a cosy all-seasons caravan, with plenty of room and some lovely touches of luxury throughout.
    I love it. And I’d recommend it to any familylooking for a holiday home that they can use for the majority of the year.
    It’s perfect for families of four but you can sleep up to six quite comfortably in the two-bed Ambleside


    Are you thinking about buying the ABI Ambleside? Do you want to know any more about it? You can call us on 0800 051 7402or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading as always!