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    Caravan Review: ABI Horizon

    If you’re thinking about buying your first holiday home, allow me to introduce the ABI Horizon – an ideal entry-level model, built exclusively for owners at Haven by the lovely people at ABI.

    The review below isn’t just my opinion, I’ve pulled in some help from Leigh Rice and Neil Rowe – a couple of our best caravan boffins from Devon Cliffs and Burnham-on-sea.  room plan 1

    If you want to know any more about the ABI Horizon, or if you have anything to share about the caravan, please join the conversation in thecomments section at the bottom.


    How much is the ABI Horizon?

    The prices always vary depending on the park you choose. But you can get an ABI Horizon for as low as £28,000* (including site fees) at certain places. It’s the lowest-priced static caravan you can get brand new. And that’s why it’s one of the most popular.

    “Our customers are always delighted with their choice when they go for the ABI Horizon. It offers everything you need for your first holiday home and it’s affordable.” ~ Leigh Rice, Caravan Sales Manager at Devon Cliffs


    How big is the ABI Horizon?

    It comes in two versions:

    2 bedrooms (33 feet by 12 feet)
    3 bedrooms (36 feet by 12 feet)

    The open-plan living area makes the most out of the space available, with a big corner sofa in the lounge and a smaller sofa in the opposite corner – which is tucked behind the dining table and a couple of extra stools.

    You’ll get at leastfourof you sitting around that table for a big family meal, easy. And six at a push.

    The TV unit has storage above and below. And the big window behind the couch stretches almost wall-to-wall.

    front room



    Then you’ve got a modern walk through ‘galley style’ kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, the bedrooms and an ensuite (that’s in the two bedroom).

    In the three-bed version, the designers swap out the en suite for a secondary bathroom – meaning the bedrooms stay spacious enough for everyone and the halls don’t become too narrow.

    All the rooms in the ABI Horizon are lovely, big enough, and great value for money.

    What are the bedrooms like in the ABI Horizon?

    In the two-bedroom version there’s one double bedroom, one twin room and you can pull out an extradouble-bed from under the L-shaped sofa too. In the three-bed, there’s an extra twin room.


    The master bedroom has a nice amount of storage-space in the two-bed version, with a shelf wardrobe in there too. The three-bed ABI Horizon is a little tighter for storage-space per bedroom, but there’s enough overall.

    Little bedroom

    What’s the kitchen like?

    The ‘galleystyle’ kitchen comes with agas cooker, four-burner gas hob and a freestanding fridge. You’ve got all the space you need for cutlery, pots and pans^ – so you can follow Helen’s tips on cooking in a caravan no problem.


    ‘Galley style’ basically means the kitchen is designed as a walkthrough – acting as the hallway between the lounge and bedroom area. It’s ideal for saving space and if you’re a chatterbox, at least you can cook while you talk to the lazy ones over on the couch.

    Some parents may prefer a kitchen separate from the hallway so the kids can’t run behind you when you’re cooking. You can get these in more expensive models like the Willerby Rio.

    ^You’ll just need to remove your kitchen items if you decide to let your caravan when you’re not using it.


    What about the bathrooms?

    One bathroom comes with a shower and the other is theen suite in the two-bedroom (or standard WC in the three).

    The shower cubicle comes with a bi-fold glass door – meaning it doesn’t need to open outwards into the room and take up any unnecessary space. It’s safer this way too.


    The second bathroom/en suite comes with a sink. There’s not much else to tell you there!

    It’s a nice luxury for such a low-priced caravan to come with two bathrooms – definitely handy when the kids/grandkids are staying too.

    What’s the heating like?

    To keep the price tag down, there’s no central heating or double-glazing. There’s a gas fire in the living room for cooler nights but it’s not going to heat the whole caravan during winter.

    The ABI Horizon is definitely a ‘summer caravan’. And one of the most popular models for first time holiday home owners.

    If you want an upgrade, then the Willerby Salsa Eco is a very similar model, except it does come with heating and double-glazed windows. Prices always vary depending on the location but you can get one at Haven’s flagship park, Devon Cliffs, for about £35,000*.


    Come and see the ABI Horizon

    If you want to ‘try before you buy’, just arrange a visit at your preferred park.

    Sample the lifestyle of a holiday home owner and inspect every inch of the ABI Horizon for yourself. You can compare it to the other models while you’re there – and throwloads of questions at people like Leigh and Neil, who are always happy to help.

    Or if you’d rather ask a question here, just drop it in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.


    *Prices may change over time and by park. Get in touch on 0800 051 7402 for an exactprice for the ABI Horizon or Willerby Salsa Eco.