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    Caravan Review: Swift Bordeaux Exclusive

    If you’re looking for a comfortable family holiday home with a couple of luxury touches, then the Swift Bordeaux Exclusive could be ‘The One’. If you plan on taking full advantage of being a holiday home owner and bringing your family regularly, this is the perfect model to make your second home.

    I’m going to break it down for you so you can get a feel for the Swift Bordeaux Exclusive, and find out all you need to know. But if you feel there’s anything I’ve missed that you want to know – just leave a comment at the end.

    There’s the chance to see it in person then afterwards – although parks are closed for winter until March 2015, we can arrange a visit for you after then no problem. We’d love to hear from you!


    How big is a Swift Bordeaux Exclusive?

    The extra space on offer is ideal when you plan on spending more time together as a family – and paired with the clever design layout that makes the most of the rooms – it allows everyone to both come together but then have their own little nook or corner to tuck themselves away in too.

    This static caravan model is 38ft x 12ft, available in either a 2 bedroom, or 3 bedroom option. But if you want even more space, there’s also the 40ft x 12ft. (This includes a 2ft storage box added onto the back of your holiday home – perfect for tucking the patio table and chairs away in).

    There’s plenty of space in the living room to take advantage of the wireless iPod docking station and speakers – as Nana teaches the grand kids a few classic dance moves! You can even move the stylish chenille-covered sofa and real wood finish dining table out of the way, as they’re both free standing.

    It’s a beautifully light-filled living room as well – thanks to the three windows at the top of the room, with one being a ‘full height vaulted centre’ which basically means it extends to the height of the holiday home to let even more light in. (Patio doors are optional). And the King Size main bedroom that even has room for a vanity area for getting ready in just proves how much space there is.

    The model definitely gives off the feel that it’s been designed for relaxing and family bonding – the spacious kitchen looking out over the communal living area sums that up. And with that, I’m going to move swiftly on to tell you more about that…

    How big is the kitchen?

    There’s a homeliness to the kitchen – it’s the type where your mum will love finding an excuse to nose around while you’re cooking. At the same time, you can imagine losing a couple of hours by yourself doing a bit of cooking, but as it’s U shaped, you can still keep an eye on the kids playing in the living area – just the other side of the smartly laminated worktop.

    So, it’s perfect for relaxing if you’re a keen cook, and the contemporary design makes it all the more enjoyable to cook in.
    The minimalist style feels straight out of a TV cookery show – try your best Delia Smith style recipes on the 4 burner gas hob with electronic ignition that comes as standard, up-stands that match the worktops, integrated fridge and freezer and my favourite is the stainless steel and glass fronted oven and grill.

    What are the bedrooms like in the Swift Bordeaux Exclusive?


    You can easily forget that this isn’t your house or apartment when you wake up, because with the radiator next to the bed, and plenty of room around the king size bed – it’s super spacious. And that tells you what a roomy holiday home this really is.
    There’s lots of storage space to put all your stuff away – even handy under-bed storage, perfect for storing the pram or just chucking the suitcases into.

    And as we hinted at earlier, there’s even a vanity table and chair, so you can get ready in a proper little space with a mirror – the perfect spot for keeping all your toiletries.

    The twin bedrooms are decorated with plush furnishings – from contemporary curtains that make the room look really neat, right the way to the warm brown bedding that makes it feel fresh and new, but without being cold and unhomely – it’s as if you’ve already made yourself at home.

    There’s also clever storage solutions that you just can’t put a price on – that make life so much easier, by giving you somewhere to put everything, but also being tucked out of the way.

    The best thing about the twin rooms is that you can have a nice chat with your roomie before you fall asleep – and if the kids are sharing, then this is where sharing story-time and giggles make life-long memories.
    And there’s also a handy pull-out bed in the living room for extra visitors.

    And what about the bathroom?


    For me, personally, a good shower starts the day off – not only to freshen up, but also to do my best thinking and plan the rest of my day. So it’s got to be a nice shower, and the Swift Bordeaux Exclusive’s is spot on. A modern shower system, and with central heating in the bathroom, it’s ideal for jumping in and kick starting the day.

    There’s also a toilet in both the bathroom and the en-suite, so the rest of the family don’t have to wait if they need the loo while you’re using the bathroom. (Just think how much time that’ll save trying to get everyone ready).

    What features does the Swift Bordeaux Exclusive come with?



    • Quality Kingspan wall, floor and heating insulation for extra warmth
    • Contemporary style gas fire in the living room
    • Option of fully galvanised chassis with 10 year warranty
    • Free-standing coffee table and chairs instead of fixed dinette area
    • Built-in cupboards around the living room for keeping your new home tidy and placing ornaments on
    • Double glazed windows for energy efficient insulation

    How much is the Swift Bordeaux Exclusive?


    For a Swift Bordeaux Exclusive with a patio doors and including the full range of features, including a fridge freezer, electric plinth heaters and towel rails, you can expect to pay in the region of £42,000 – £55,000.
    That’s with everything fitted for your every need, you only need to bring a TV, DVD player, towels and bedding.And it’s fully furnished, so there’s no need to worry about costs for kitting it out – so that you can basically just move yourself in.

    Should I buy a Swift Bordeaux Exclusive?


    If you’re after a modern, fully fitted holiday home that’s above average – with slightly more room, and storage options as well as plush home furnishings to give a more homely feel, I’d definitely recommend the Swift Bordeaux Exclusive.
    It’s relaxing, has all the facilities you need and more, and offers enough space for a big family to make it their home from home.
    You can already picture your family here – your teenager taking selfies getting ready and hijacking the vanity area in the main bedroom, while granddad reads his paper at the dining table and the little ones play in the roomy living area, while you finish up making breakfast in the kitchen.

    If you think it’s for you, let us tell you a bit more on 0870 165 0154, or leave us a comment below.
    And if you’re ready to take the next step and take a look, then we can help you arrange a park visit when the parks are open again in March 2015 using this simple form.