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    What did caravans look like in the 1970s?

    ABI have created an exact replica of the interior of a 1978 ABI Sierra Supreme caravan after saving it from going to the scrapyard! Now we think about it, what did 1978 look like? Well, we had Christopher Reeve flying on to the big screen in the first Superman movie and the Beegees were topping the charts, but most importantly we had the ABI Sierra Supreme.  

    The Sierra Supreme that was saved from the scrapyard had only been used by the owner a couple of times a season since 1978, which meant that it was in very good condition. After finding original brochures from the 70s, the team over at ABI decided to try and recreate the interior as best they could! By trawling the internet they managed to bring together a whole range of items to furnish the caravan, let’s have a look to see how they did!

    We have used cuttings from a 1978 ABI magazine to show you what the ABI Sierra Surpeme used to look like!

    Ribbet collage5


    Now let’s have a look at the fantastic effort that ABI put in to recreate this caravan!

    Ribbet collage

    Have you ever owned an ABI Sierra Supreme? Do you have a caravan that from that era which you would like to rejuvenate? Let us know in the comments below!