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Celebrate your Birthday with Haven!

If like me you have a rather large family or lots of close friends you love to holiday with- Haven is the perfect choice for you. We have a special group department that is specially trained in making sure large holidays run smoothly. Why not follow in the footsteps of many others by spending yours or a family member’s special day with Haven.

Don’t just take our word for it, read all about how our guest, Chris, managed to pull off one of the best surprises for her husbands 60th.

‘We visited Caister to celebrate my husband’s 60th birthday, as we used to come to Caister Beach Holiday Park every year from 1986 – 2001. We always came for two weeks and made some lovely friends from all over England – so much so that we all ended up booking together every year. This was perfect as we had kids the same age so it was lovely to all meet up for 2 weeks every year.
When myself and my family were thinking what we could do special for his 60th birthday we decided the best place he would like to go would be back to Caister where we had such good holidays. We put our plan into action and lo and behold our friends from Coventry agreed to come too – we all booked and kept it a surprise from him. The kids now had their own children and brought them along for the celebration. A few weeks before we were due to go we told him that we were going on holiday – with our daughter, son in law, 2 grandsons and son and his partner. We omitted to say that anyone else was coming!

When we arrived  we were given our keys and were pleasantly pleased that our caravan was right up near the old Caister beach seagull club – this means so much to us all and holds so many happy memories. Myself and my daughter started to unpack while hubby sat looking out of the window reminiscing the ‘old’ days – when suddenly lo and behold he spied our friends who had travelled from Coventry – thinking he had gone mad he had to look twice before realising it really was them!

We all had a great week and his 60th birthday was made extra special as the Seagull club was open on that evening and your team for the evening were brilliant and really spoilt him.
Next year its my birthday – and who knows you may be seeing me again!’

Chris and her husband had a great time celebrating with the family at Haven!

Chris and her husband had a great time celebrating with the family at Haven!

Don’t panic if you don’t have anyone birthday coming up – we have birthdays at Haven that make the perfect excuse to get everyone together! Come help us celebrate your favourite Seaside Squad members special time and wish them a big Happy Birthday!

Ned’s Birthday          –   Monday 24th March – Friday 28th March
Rory’s Birthday        –   Monday 5th May – Friday 9th May
Greedy’s Birthday   –   Monday 2nd June – Friday 6th June
Polly’s Birthday       –   Monday 30th June – Friday 4th July
Anxious’ Birthday   –   Monday 29th September – Friday 3rd October
Bradley’s Birthday   –   Monday 13th October – Friday 17th October

Come join us for our characters birthdays!

Come join us for our characters birthdays!

Have you got a big birthday coming up? Or do you remember a celebrating a birthday at one of our parks? We’d love to hear from you! Write in the comments below, find us on Facebook or Tweet us @haven.


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  • Lynn starkie

    Hi we are staying at marton mere from the 19th oct to 26th. Its my sons 5th birthday while we are there and i was wondering if theres anything we could organise for him. Thanks. Lynn.

    • Hey Lynn 🙂

      A big Happy Birthday to your son! If you give the park a call on 01253 767544 they may be able to help you out 🙂

  • Nicola doogan

    We are coming to Craig Tara on 15 Augest and on the 16 is my little girl birthday she will be 11 I would like now if we could do something to mark it very special for her there is just 3 of us coming on holiday thanks

    • Hey Nicola 🙂

      Exciting! If you give the park a call on 01292 265141 they should be able to help 🙂

  • Emma Moore

    Awe are going to Craig Tara park on Friday may 20th my daughter will be 6 that day, we are taking her cake down to celebrate x

    • Hey Emma 🙂

      If you speak to the park team on 01292 265141 they may be able to arrange something for you 🙂

  • Allie Bloomfield

    It’s my birthday on 13th April and I will be the big 50.
    Our family are all booked to come to CAISTER for holiday beginning 10th April. We come to CAISTER at least once or twice a year because we love it. I can’t wait xx Allison Bloomfield

  • Chloee Louisee Hughess

    We are coming to Caister on sea haven site on Friday the 26th April 2019 and my daughters 7 on the 27th and would like to make it special there only 3 of us coming

  • Jennifer Jones

    Hi I am coming haven for my granddaughters 4 th birthday next year do the characters do anything special for a child celebrating a birthday ? Also can I buy character birthday cake at park ? Thanks