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Celebrity Seaside fun

Celebrities are often found parading around on the beach but did you know some famous faces love the seaside so much that it’s in their names. We’d like to introduce you to our seaside celebs…

1. Steven Segull

Steven Seagull.jpg square

(source Carrie-nelson/


2. My-shell Pfeiffer

My-shell pfeiffer.jpg square

(source Joe Seer/


3. Simon Towell

Simon Towell V2.jpg sqaure

(source Helga Esteb/


4. Bare-feet Grylls

Bare-feet Grylls.jpg square

(S Bukley/


5. Seal

seal square

(source Featureflash/


6. Lional Rich-Sea

Lionel Rich-Sea.jpg square

(source Helga Esteb/


7. Ellen be-genorous with the Suncream

Ellen be-generous suncream 1.jpg square

(source S Bukley/


8. Ringo Starr-fish

Ringo Starrfish.jpg square

(source S Bukley/


9. Bay-once

Bay-once.jpg square

(source D Free/


10. Will I Am by the seaside

will I am by the seaside square



11. Dwayne the Rock-Pool Johnson

Dwayne Rock Pool Johnson.jpg square

(source S Bukley/


12. Benedict Cumberbeach

Benedict Cumberbeach.jpg square

(source S Bukley/


13. Daniel Red-cliffes of Devon

Daniel Red-Cliffs of Devon.jpg square

(source Lev Radin/


14. Kevin Spadey

Kevin Spadey V2.jpg square

(source D Free/


Remember please do not feed the celebrities at the seaside.