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    Seaside Squad Birthday Breaks!

    What better time to visit Haven than on a member of the Seaside Squads birthday? During their birthday week, there will be lots of free fun games and activities for children to join in with to help celebrate their favourite Seaside Squad member’s birthday!

    Meet the Seaside Squad!

    The Haven family includes Rory the Tiger, Bradley Bear, Anxious the Elephant, Greedy the Gorilla, DJ Ned and Lifeguard Polly! Kids just love this fun loving squad causing mischief around our parks, and the Seaside Squad love getting your children involved in all sorts of fun activities that they might not have tried before!

    Plan your trip!

    If you’re planning a trip to Haven, bear these dates in mind:

    • Ned’s birthday is: Monday 20 – Fri 24 March
    • Rory’s birthday is: Monday 1 – Fri 5 May
    • Greedy’s birthday is: Mon 5 – Friday 9 June
    • Polly’s is: Mon 26 – Friday 30 June
    • Anxious has hers: Mon 25 – Fri 29 Sep
    • Bradley has his between: Mon 9 – Fri 13 Oct

    What to expect 

    On a Seaside Squad birthday break you can expect all sorts of fun birthday celebrations! You can enjoy the birthday ceremony, pass the parcel, photos with the birthday boy or girl, lots of fun party games and of course – cake!


    To find out more for your next break to the seaside

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    Haven has lots to offer for your little ones with different and exciting free activities every day including Greedy’s Get Up, Make a Mess and Anxious’ Sensory Morning. Also on offer are a number of free dedicated sports activities including water confidence sessions, mini archery, mini tennis, mini fencing and mini football.

    Visiting Haven on a character birthday will add even more excitement to your holiday! With extra activities and birthday celebrations to join in with, you’ll struggle to fit everything in!

    To find out more about the Seaside Squad click here!

    Do your children have a favourite? Let us know if you are bringing your squad along to help us celebrate a birthday in the comment section below!