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    The charm of Church Farm!

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – thats the motto of the Barnett and Matthews family, who have been visiting our Haven Parks for the huge family reunions for the last 15 years …

    Once a year, three generations from all over the world come together in Sussex to spend some good ole’ quality time together.  The families with children at school have a weekend break, the older generation (the freedom pass silver servers – Michael Barnett’s words not ours!) stay for a week to recover from the action-packed weekend.

    Michael explains below why Church Farm is his home from home…

    Each year we look forward to wonderful break at what must be one of the most popular holiday locations in West Sussex.
    The location at Pagham allows us to offer many alternatives to our family.  It is a short walk to the beach and there are lots of walks from the park.  A walk around Pagham Harbour nature reservation and lagoons.  Walk across the salt flats to Sidlesham Ferry Nature Trail, stopping for a drink at the Crab and Lobster.

    There are longer walks, take a bus ride to Selsey, and walk back to Church Farm.  There is a walk along the coast line to Bognor Regis.  The City of Chichester is just a short drive or bus ride away, a visit to the Cathedral and shopping in the first class shops and the local a must.  There is a bus route outside the village which connects with other routes in Chichester which allows a day visit to locations along the West Sussex and Hampshire coast line.

    Leaving home to go on holiday is for most of us a very happy time looking forward to spending a leisurely time with our families, but for the Barnetts and Matthews families it is a time for all of us to spend quality time together, to relax and see our families at what has become a happy way of getting together at a venue we all love to come to. We have 16 caravans and we all have our own front door key so we can have a quiet time if it is needed.

    Caravan family holidays, with all the facilities offered, has over the last 15 years helped us all to feel at home when we arrive at Church Farm Holiday village.
    For my wife as we drive down Pagham Road we are nearly home, not far to go now. This feeling of coming home, it happens every time we stay at Haven Church Farm Holiday Village at Pagham in West Sussex.

    Just a few of the Barnett and Matthews clan!

    Just a few of the Barnett and Matthews clan!

    From the moment you are stopped at the roundabout just inside the Holiday Park you are greeted by Ray who welcomes you on behalf of Haven.
    He always makes you feel special “how are you, hope you had a good journey, nice to see you again, please park your car and go to reception, check in and have a great holiday”. , We know we are back home when we get such a wonderful welcome.

    Feeling at home does not stop there, at reception you are again made to feel at home, Lisa and her staff welcome you with a smile, check your booking reference, make sure you know where to go by giving you a little site map, with the route to the location of the caravan. They always say “if you need anything please call us and we will pleased to sort it out for you”.

    The next feeling of being at home comes when you arrive at our caravan home for the few days, opening our front door to find a welcome card from the house keeping team. They play a big part in in making the holiday, the very clean caravan seeing the table set with crockery, beds made up and a lovely welcome card.

    Another big part of our feel at home holiday is the entertainment complex. The staff from the Mash & Barrel restaurant (nick named Smash and Grub) to the staff that entertain us and the security team that make you feel safe, the ground staff whose work is outstanding, when you walk around the park you notice how tidy and well-kept the park is.

    The saddest part comes at 10:00, on departure day, reception always wish us a safe journey” home” we all look forward to seeing on your next visit to Church Farm. But the last wave and goodbye always comes from Ray. “It was great to see you please come again, drive home carefully”. We always look back as start our drive to our 2nd home in Twickenham and leaving our caravan home to next time when we  get a another welcome wave from Ray.

    Did you know we have a dedicated groups department who can help you every step of the way? You do now!

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