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Haven’s Christmas Crafts: Seaside Squad paper chain

In the first of our Christmas Crafts guides, we’re showing you how to create your very own Seaside Squad paper chains which will help you keep the kids occupied and get the house looking festive.

Before you get started you need to download and print out our Seaside Squad templates then you’re ready to go!


Rory, Anxious, Bradley and Greedy template

Polly and Ned template

Step One

Gather everything you need. There’s not much – just some glue, scissors and our print out. Nice and easy!

Step Two

Start by cutting out each of the Seaside Squad’s strips.

Step Three

Choose one of the strips to begin with and glue a small area at the end

Step Four

Stick the glued end of the strip to the other end so you have a perfect ring shape

Step Five

Choose your next strip and place it through the ring you’ve already made. Again, glue one end of the strip.

Step Six

Join the two ends together to create the ring, which will also mean the two rings are joined.

Step Seven

Repeat with as many different strips as you want until you have a lovely Seaside Squad paper chain!

Step Eight

Decorate your house so you’re always connected to the Seaside Squad!

Have you made your Seaside Squad paper chains yet? Share your best images of them in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!