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    Clean up the County – Devon Cliffs!

    We all know that Devon is a well loved, popular seaside destination known for its unspoilt environment and stunning natural beauty. At Haven, we want to keep it that way so jumped on board with this year’s ‘Clean up the County’ campaign to keep Devon beautiful!

    Clean Up The County

    Members of top attractions in Devon recently noticed a large amount of litter occupying the streets on roadsides, verges and hedge sides. The attractions often send members of their team to litter pick outside of their attraction to keep it nice for their guests. As they noticed litter was becoming an increasing problem in Devon, they wanted to do something about it!

    Last year these attractions set up the annual ‘Clean up the County’ campaign to restore some of Devon’s beauty, aiming to make it a nicer place for both residents and tourists alike.

    This year the campaign gained even more momentum with many more tourism businesses around Devon joining in with the campaign, not only cleaning up the streets but the beaches and some beauty spots too!

    At Haven, we were more than happy to jump on-board with the campaign! Members from the Devon Cliffs Holiday Park Team headed to the beach and areas around the park along with some members from the Seaside Squad to help clean up!


    Members of the team helped show guests how much rubbish the park throws away, and just how much of a problem litter can cause. Guests were also shown the importance of recycling  so that everyone can work together to live in a better environment!

    As Devon is such a lovely area in the UK, we want to keep it that way so that our guests and future generations can enjoy the beaches and the local area!

    The Seaside Squad had a brilliant day and will definitely want to be taking part again next year, as well as helping to make sure the area is tidy all year round!

    Did you get on board with the campaign this year? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share any photos!