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Cooking in a caravan part 4 – Halloween treats!

It’s another Freaky Friday here on the blog and we want to help you cook up a treat this Halloween!Will you be having a Halloween party or just watching some horror movies? You could even be celebrating at one of our Haven Parks! ‘Witch’ ever you choose,  Helen and Johnny can help you make some scary lookin’ (but not tasting!) Halloween treats that even Dracula would want to sink his teeth in to..

Cooking in a caravan part 4 -- Halloween treats!

Spooky Apples

What will you need ?

Sunflower seeds

How to make them…

1. Cut the apples in to 1/4 and core
2. Angle the apples on a side and cut the ‘mouth’ (I’d get a adult to do this!)
3. Use the sunflowers to make the teeth

Top tip! To stop your apples from going brown sprinkle some lemon juice on them!


Hot dog Mummies

What will you need ?

Hot dogs
Tomato Ketchup
Pre-made Puff Pastry

How to make them…

1.Pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees (gas mark 7)
2. Roll out your pastry
3. cut the sheets in to thin strips, just bigger than a cm
4. Wrap the strips around the hot dogs
5. Pop them in the oven for about 15 mins
6. Decorate the plate with the Tomato Ketchup