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    Cooking in a caravan – Part three!

    It’s time for the third installment of this award- winning series (okay we haven’t won any awards -yet!) This time things are sunny-side up…

    A fried egg sandwich is a classic breakfast dish. It can make even the grumpiest of morning people become a ray of sunshine!

    And just when you think it couldn’t get any better Jamie, one of our blog readers, has had a cracking idea and has given this old favourite a bit of genius twist – Jamie you deserve a medal and we’re not yolking! Okay, okay I shell stop now…time for the video…


    What did you think of Jamie’s idea? Do you think you have one to match? We’d love to hear your ideas, tips and recipes in the comments below!


    Haven Holidays are proud to sponsoring Children in Need for a third time this year. We raised £240, 000 last year to help children all over this UK and this year we want to beat that by a mile! We have many different ideas happening all over our Haven Parks to make this dream a reality – this is where we need your help. We are  making a cookbook, aptly named ‘Cooking in a Caravan’ full of lots of tasty recipes from our holiday makers, owners and team, so please drop us comment below and give us your best ‘cooking in a caravan’ meal!