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    Cooking in a caravan : Part two – Chicken Curry

    I’m back with another easy but tasty ‘Cooking in a caravan ‘ meal that is perfect after a long day having fun at one of our Haven parks! Now,I’m not saying that Summer has officially left us, as September has been quite kind to us in the recent years, but it can’t just be me who is quite looking forward to Autumn? Jumpers, boots and getting in from a beautiful Autumn walk and truly appreciating a warm, home- cooked meal.

    What will we be Cooking in a caravan today?

    Today we will be making Chicken Curry! A stable favourite in many households across Britain which is also very easy to tailor to your families tastes. For example if there is any vegetarians in the family you can swap the chicken for a lots of veg.
    We’re also going to be honest with you, this is quite a cheating method and we have used a jar for the sauce (sorry Mam!)

    What ingredients do I need to make Chicken curry?

    1 Onion
    1 pack of chicken thighs
    2 peppers
    1 pack of microwave rice
    1 jar of curry sauce
    1 pack of poppadoms

    Click on the video for full instructions!

    We need you help to make the best cookbook ever!

    Haven Holidays are proud to sponsoring Children in Need for a third time this year. We raised £240, 000 last year to help children all over this UK and this year we want to beat that by a mile! We have many different ideas happening all over our Haven Parks to make this dream a reality – this is where we need your help. We are  making a cookbook, aptly named ‘Cooking in a Caravan’.
    It will be full of lots of tasty recipes from all of our Haven Holiday makers. Do you think you have a recipe others will just love?

    As always we’d love to hear all your ideas and big THANK-YOU to those that have already let us into their cooking secrets!
    Keep your eye’s peeled for the next ‘Cooking in a caravan’ as we will be using one of your recipes – but whose will it be?