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    Cornish camping with a beachfront view

    One of the biggest draws to Cornwall? Hands down, the great beaches. These beaches draw everyone in with their luminous glow and bohemian attitude. Holidaymakers travel far and wide to enjoy the unrivalled beauty of the Cornish coastline.

     It doesn’t get more traditional than slurping on delicious Cornish ice cream as you walk along the fishing harbours. Cornwall is everything magical you remember about seaside holidays, mixing traditional charm with some modern attractions and a love of water sports. There’s practically surfers enjoying the waves everywhere you look.
    So if you book a family break here, you’ll want to be as close to the beaches as possible – and that’s why Perran Sands is the perfect place to base your break.

    Access to the beach

    It’s not just about being close enough to stroll to the beach – it’s right on your doorstep!
    You can literally walk directly from your caravan to two miles of sandy beach – laden with your beach ball, ping pong set, bucket and spade – and follow the coastal path from the park straight onto Perranporth beach.
    Picnics on the beach, watching the Atlantic Ocean breakers – or even learning to surf with our surf school.

    Just a short from school HQ, you will find yourselves on Penhayle beach, where the lessons take place.
    Penhayle Beach is a surfers paradise, as it is normally less crowded meaning more space to practice your tricks!

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    Just one of the spectacular views of Perran Sands

    Watersports on the beach

    As well as surfing, there are also a couple of other water-sports you might want to try out while taking advantage of the park’s location, right on the beach.
    Mobius Kite Surfing allows you to glide across the surface of the water while controlling a parasail-type kite – an extreme water sport for the adrenalin junkies out there!
    For a gentler, but still exhilarating experience though – you might want to try paddleboarding. It’s just like surfing, but instead of swimming on them they use paddles to make it almost look like they’re walking on the water.

    Safety first!

    You’ll be glad to hear the beach is patrolled by RNLI lifeguards and lifeboat crews, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is actually standing on a Surfboard!
    There’s nothing as fun as a day at the beach, and it’s wonderful for kids to be able to run around and play freely, so sit back and enjoy the stunning views and beautiful weather!

    Evening the restaurant is touring mad!

    Evening the restaurant is touring mad!

    Glamping anyone?

    If you not at Glastonbury this weekend but still feel like you need your camping fix, why not switch it up a bit and visit Cornwall?
    At Perran Sands we have lots of different options, so even the biggest Diva of a camper can still plug their straighteners in! Find out more about glamping at Perran Sands here.

    With such a beauty of a beach, it’s no surprise that photographers flog to Perranporth to capture the incredible sunsets. However you don’t need to be a budding artist to produce an awarding with photo, the Sunsets do most of the work for you! We’d love to see some of your beach snaps, share them with us on twitter using #myhavenadventure